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Melbourne Car Meets :: Bundoora

s13 low as fucks13 low

A new group is on the scene “(MCM) Melbourne Car Meets” Not knowing anything about them I decided to go and check out one of their local events. It was held at Bundoora Park; a place where many hot rod shows and fundraisers are also held. With a wide open grass area and plenty of room to park cars this is one seriously good trouble free spot. Read more

StreetVision :: Big Ambitions

s2k drift on streetr34 blue paul walker skyline

Street Vision’s Biggest JDM meet was planned well in advance. The group has been steadily building its fan base over the last six months and it was time to get the fans out and about. I arrived at Port Melbourne to find this amazing R34 GTR just siting in the shade among a variety of cars.

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CCRMIT :: Haunted Hills Christmas Break Up 2013

corolla old rusty racinghaunted hills race track moe

It’s that time of year again when I find myself at my favorite track watching a group of true racing enthusiast. Track time is hard to get and what better Christmas present than to push your car to its limits around a killer track. I arrived early to find only a couple of cars in attendance. This worried me and to pass the time I decided to take a few pics on the track before the cars got out there. Read more

Vic Drift :: Round 3 Road King Chassis Championship

skyline r 32 drift carr33 close up

With the last round of this current championship upon us, it was time for the drivers to get to work. The pits were alive with activity and there were oil and tyre changes going on everywhere you looked!
There were also a few cars that made it to the track but would not start and so of course the drivers’ pit crews were running around everywhere!
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Calder Park :: Roadking Chassis Round 2 VicDrift Championship

3 car crash calder park driftcalder park, vic drift victoria melbouren drift scene

The second round of the VicDrift Roadking Chassis championship was underway and it was clear that things were going to get pretty serious. Some of the biggest names in VicDrift had arrived to continue their fight for the championship. The small crowd quickly grabbed a seat and settled in for what would be one of the best drift competitions since Formula Drift visited Australia.

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Run the Wall :: VicDrift Practice Calder Park

australian drift carsaustralian drift cars

Winter is well and truly amongst us here in Melbourne, while temperatures drop into the single digits and rev heads go into hibernation the boys and girls of Vicdrift came out to play at Calder Park Raceway.

With the Raceway booked for the entire weekend and round two of the Vic Drift x Road King Chassis comp only needing one day, meant a full day of practice for anyone keen to enter.

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MMSC :: Haunted Hills Track Day

evo 8 mitsubishilotus kit car

Late friday night I came across a photo of a Mitsubishi Evo on a trailer, that car was Victor’s. It was on its way to Haunted Hills, suddenly I realised there was an event being held at my favorite track! Without a thought I canceled my original plans and soon enough I was on my way there. After 2 hours at a constant 5,500 RPMs in my silly Kei car I arrived at the Haunted Hills Race Track. Read more

Street Vision :: Unofficial JDM Meet

subaru libertysubaru liberty

True JDM meets are few and far between these days. With a massive JDM meet planned for the end of the year, Street-Vision has decided to test their fan base and organised an unofficial meet.
Held near the end of Lorimer street Port Melbourne, this popular spot offers great parking and little attention from the law, so its win win! Read more

HWY Oakleigh :: HighWay Masters

skyline r34skyline r34 front

So what is HWY? it is a car and bike enthusiast club that is rapidly growing in size! Since november 2012 the group known as HWY has been creating a new type of car meet scene. One that does not discriminate on car or bike type and the best thing it’s open to all! The major difference with this car club is that it’s a Charity organisation.
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SAU Dyno Day :: Over 5000 Killer Wasps

V8 S13 DriftVic Drift

Well the Skylines Australia Victorian chapter has blown our socks off once again with another awesome event, this time with the help of Road Track Rally and Motul Australia!
When SAU Vic have an event, they don’t mess about! The day was full of ear punishing, limiter bashing dyno fun!!

Hosted at the unbelievably clean Road Track Rally (RTR) workshop in Melbourne’s south east, the crowd was treated to a full day of peak power runs from 25 cars, ranging from Subaru’s, Mitsubishi’s, various euros and of course a large amount of Nissan Skylines!!
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