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Saint Side :: Slab 16 – Slow Low And Bangin

Our friends at Saint Side are no strangers to putting on a great event. Take for instance their legendary John street show and shine that is held every year which normally attracts hundreds of people! Mark from Saint Side thought it was time to mix things up and have an event away from there physical shop front.

Preston Market was chosen for the first ever Slab 16 – Slow Low And Bangin. With a host of well known cars invited to display at the event things looked promising!

Saint Side has been a name synonyms with car culture for the last 7 years! 2016 is no different with a host of sponsored Drift cars and street vehicles reppin the brand.

Saint Side events are almost like a block party where anything goes and everyone is family including the four legged friends.

Parked right next together where two very different cars, one being the very first Australian Built RWB Porsche and the other a full spec drift car with some Japanese styling.

While Rocket Bunny kits are all the rage nothing compares to the width of an RWB Porsche!

In conjunction with Swunf, GripShiftSlide will be selling the all new air fresheners featuring, Keiichi Tsuchiya(drift King), Mad Mike Whiddett, Diago Saito.

Karl’s KE70 Wagon was in prime position showing off its new 3sge Beams with a super clean install from the boys at JVN Garage. Not only did it look great but it also sounded mad especially on limiter!

If your a child of the 80’s you will undoubtedly identify with chrome BMX’s! That’s right it wasn’t only cars on show! there was also a large display of bike’s of all different types on display.

From classic bikes that look like they have just rolled off the set of Stranger Things to fighter pilot themed bikes! So much character in each example, its not just cars that get modded the retro bike scene is growing and Saint Side has all the parts to make your pushy stand out.

Fresh from a trip to sydney, straight from The-Lowdown Show and Shine at WTAC this immaculate Subaru was giving everyone a lesson in stance.

This is one of the true stand out ride’s of the show! With plenty of quality parts and great colours to match!

It wasn’t only Japanese cars in attendance there were also some tidy euro’s turning heads.

If you a fan of the Melbourne car scene you might have seen t1k tak before, complete with a fresh new look for Slab 16.

Saint Side have attracted a great mix of cars from all over Melbourne to help celebrate their newest event!

Affectionately known as the cookie monster! this 4AGE sat patiently in the back of Karl’s wagon just begging to be installed into any KE70 that had the cookies ready.

Slab 16 was absolutely full of like minded people who really took the time to check out each and every aspect of the event.

Over modifying a car is easily done, once you buy one thing its hard to stop adding more and more bits. Yet this is not the case with Daniels very sleek daily which had many people stop and stare.

Talk about maximum impact! This is one 86 that dragged onlookers in for a closer look. Even the Police could not take their eyes off this 86 awarding it a special yellow sticker on there way home from the event.

Saint Side managed to gather a great mix of cars for their very first Slab 16, with such a strong community of supporters behind the brand it is easy to see why they are so popular.

Throughout the day Saint Side had been selling heaps of raffle tickets for their big giveaway. At the end of the event the winner of the grand prize was announced! Which left a large crowd of supporters disappointed that they did not win a giant Puma sneaker! We thank our good friends at Saint Side for letting us participate in their newest event! Slab 16 We cannot wait until next years event!
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