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Vivid Motorsports :: Formula 1 Show And Shine

pink s14
When a group of dedicated car nuts get together only good things can arise! Vivid Motorsports have been on our radar for the last six months and are a group we have been meaning to feature for a while.
red ke55 toyota
When the opportunity to see their car show at the Melbourne Formula One Grand Prix was offered, I jumped at the chance!
toyota corolla old school racing style
There were many car groups at the Formula 1 Grand Prix, yet Vivid Motorsports really had the greatest mix of cars compared to the car groups in the area. This classic Toyota Corolla KE30 was one car I did not expect to see! It is one of the most uncommonly modified cars in the scene and also the biggest surprise’s of the show.
wrx race pipes loud
Taking influences from the drift world there was a host of Subaru’s sporting blast pipes! Dare I say that the humble Subaru is soon taking the place of the Honda Civic for JDM street dominance.
drift car at f1 car show
One of the best things about Vivid Motorsports, it’s not just a group full of hard parking shed pony’s! They actually have full blown track and drift cars within the group.
subaru wagon white on god wheels
To me, I believe that cars should be driven not just polished and placed on a pedestal. Vivid Motorsports is what a real car enthusiasts group should be about, track days , social events, car shows and special events.
stance fitment melbourne subaru
The fitment scene is really starting to gain popularity in Melbourne despite our crazy strict road laws here in Australia.
86 toyota stance big wing
Pushing the boundary’s, while avoiding unwanted attention is the great cat an mouse game. Although the game continues to increase in difficulty each and every year.
vic pol defect stance
Their are still some people willing to take a chance for the sake of style! The real question is how fast can you convert your car back to stock?
seeker s2000 yellow
After setting some quick lap times at Winton Raceway, the Saisoku racing s2000 was looking great sitting among its pals on the lawn just next to Albert Park Lake.
polo stance melbourne australia
I can even imagine how hard it is to set your car up to sit like this. With its tyre’s tucked and rim’s on the outer edge of the wheel arch. I guess that’s why they call it fitment right?
golf vw lettering on tyres
Tyre stencils are all the rage, yet this looked like it was a new type of stick-on lettering that had a factory style appearance.
golf R vw nice wheels
Matching the colour with the brake calipers really sets this off and you never know this may spawn a fixie style colour craze in the euro and JDM scene.
convertible 20k paint job maseratti
The Vivid Motorsports show even had a Maserati on display! The paint job alone was worth more than some of the other cars! Although it was great to see such a complete range of individual and unique cars at the show.
clean skyline r32 classic in white
The R32 is one Nissan Skyline that everybody love’s! Such a classic especially when you see a great example like this. Mark my word’s these will start to hit Hako pricing levels in the next twenty years!
rx silver subaru stance
Aggressive with a touch of style, this Subaru had plenty of dish!
r31 wagon jason ferron drift car
A wagon you should all be familiar with, Jason Ferron has truly made this R31 wagon stand out by putting it on podium many times in VicDrift and DCA drift competitions. There is a rumor that this very wagon will be for sale in the not to distant future!
r33 super big spoiler
One serious package, semi slicks with a spoiler bigger than a Hyundai Excel! Among the daily drivers this R33 really made an impression with the F1 fans.
city background f1 albert park car show
Vivid Motorsports is really making steps to create a movement and bring back all that is good to the car club community. Putting on social events, track days, kebab runs, movie premieres and more! Vivid Motorsports are really growing in numbers, we cannot wait to attend more of their awesome events in the future.
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