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Triple H Liveries :: The Virtual World Of Drift Livery Design

GripShiftSlide has been a big fan of Triple H Liveries for quite some time now, yet we wanted to know more about the man behind these amazing designs. Creating recreations of real world drift liveries for the Forza community is no easy task there are not many people who can create liveries to the high standard’s that Tripple H does.
GSS: What made you start creating race livery’s for Forza?
I would go to drifting events and come home searching for a design I saw and couldn’t find it so I just started making replicas for myself. After some positive feedback I started sharing them and making more.

GSS: What Program do you use to create your designs?

Everything I design on Forza is created with the paint editor tools within the game.

GSS: Are you a big fan of Australian Drift?
Yes always try to get to the local events like ADGP, DCA, QLD State Series and Stadium Drift Australia while also watching the other ones on TV.

GSS: Have you always played racing sims?
Yes I have been into racing games ever since i can remember playing games like the Need For Speed series, GT 1 & 2, Colin McRac Rally series, V8 Supercars (TOCA) and a lot more. I always enjoy a good racing game.

GSS: Do you design your own Liveryies for race cars? or do just recreate existing Liveries?
Probably 95% of my designs are replicas and I make my own designs on Forza but mainly for myself only.

GSS: Who inspires you?

Definitely my children inspire me, my daughter has a disability she has been through a lot in her life and is one of the happiest people I know.

GSS: Have you always been into motorsports?
Yes I’ll always been into some type of Motorsports over the years V8 Supercars, rally, and drift.

GSS: Would you like this to be your day job?

No it’s always been for fun and to take my mind off other thing’s, making Liveries for Forza will not become my day job.

GSS: How do you first start your designs?
I start by searching Facebook and Instagram for pictures of the design I want to make. I collect pictures of the car from different angles and the I go looking for logos of there sponsors. After I have enough pic’s I start by laying down the design on the side of the car and work my way around. Finishing with creation and placement of all the sponsors logos.

GSS: Do you only design for Forza?
Yes because it takes so long to do one design I prefer to only do the Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon series and I enjoy playing the game as well.

GSS: Are all of your works Australian inspired?
Yes I try to keep all my designs Australian but do have one or two that are not.

GSS: How long do your designs take to create?
I have never really timed how long it take’s for me to make a livery, It depends on the design an easier one like Drift School Australia s13 would’ve taken about 6 to 8 hours and designs like Blaze Unit, Levi, Boettcher, Driftsquid and Yates would’ve definitely taken well over 24 hours to finish.
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GSS: What car do you drive and what car would you like to be drive?
Would love to own a VK Group A/3 and I drive a VZ wagon. I know my next car will be a wheelchair accessible van for my daughter which we are trying to raise money for.
If anyone can spare a few dollars to help Maddie to get a wheelchair accessible van please go to gofundme.com/madisyne Thank You.

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GSS: Are you the only person creating Australian drift livery’s for Forza?
No I don’t think so I have seen some other Australian drift designs around in the public lobbies.

GSS: How long have you been doing this for?
I’ll started painting back on Forza Motorsports 2 so I think that was around 2007. I started painting Dora designs on forza Motorsport 2, 3 and 4 just so my daughter who has Holoprosencephaly would let me play as she hated me playing Forza and then I worked my way up to making replicas on forza 4.

GSS: Are there any other artists you work with?
With Forza motorsports and Forza Horizon series on Xbox One you can’t work with other players.

GSS: Do you only concentrate on popular drifters or do you try and cover them all?
Yes I try to cover them all it doesn’t bother me if your popular or not just as long as you have a got a good design.

GSS: What is you favorite racing sim of all time?
With out a doubt Forza Motorsports 4 the cars and tracks on the game are just the best combination as well as the clubs, auction house and storefront. With multiplayer and custom public lobbies it is so easy to find players who want to play! from Cruising, Car shows, Racing, Tandem, Point drifting, Tag, Drag and Limbo.

GSS: Do people request designs from you?
Yes I had a lot requests for design and logos over the years It would be nice to get to all of them but it just isn’t possible.
Help Triple H raise funds for his daughter Madisyne who suffers from Holoprosencephaly and needs a new wheelchair accessible van, every dollar makes a difference.
Click here to donate
Click here to see more of Triple H liveries work on facebook.

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