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Motorclassica 2012 :: Where Super Rare Cars Come To Play

land speed 1978 australialand speed 1978 australia

Yes it’s that time of year again, Motorclassica is back and bigger than ever! My plan was to get in early and avoid the crowd! but the crowd beat me.
The first thing to WOW me was this Australian built land speed jet car from the seventys, unfortunately it was never run to its full potential because of flooding on the salt lake but it still holds unofficial high speed records within Australia.

DS goddess Citoren chaperon
The usual cars were out on show, plenty of MG’s and e-type jags, yet the thing that caught my eye was this Citoren chaperon convertible, the same legendary DS goddess but with no roof.. love this!
What a killer project car / investment, imagine finding this in a garage and scoring it for a low price.
Lamborghini miura
Even the classic Lamborghini’s have big bums! it seems to run in the family, when you have a v12 in the trunk you need all the space you can get.
chevy impapla
Styling! all car manufacturers take note! this is how it is done! every part of this dash is its own work of art! plastic sure did kill the stylish look.
I can honestly say i have never heard or seen one of these before, get this a “V8 VL Commodore” known as the Brock HDT Commodore VL Director. This is one of 12 ever made! it’s the last model Brock made with HDT.
classic sports car
I’m not even going to try to identify what car this is! because i know i will get it wrong, the unique shape of it is what attracted me to this crazy little red car.
The royal exhibition building melbourne
The royal exhibition building is one of the most grand looking buildings in Melbourne and there is no better place to host such a classic car show.
Formula 2 race car
Formula 2 is where it is at! light aerodynamic and nimble. This 1960 type 18 Lotus is one exciting little machine.
1960 Lotus Elite
1960 Lotus Elite Series II Super 95 looks very square from the back but up the front it very similar to the e-type jag.
bmw small 3 wheel car
Seems legit! road registered ! why not, i think they should remake these and only allow them in the city! this will fix Melbournes traffic wows.
MG Classic car
Simple yet effective ! with a steering wheel from a bus and a bench seat this old MG would be really fun to drive in the mountains!
Ford GT40
I never realized how crazy the doors on the GT40 really are, they are massive and have half the roof attached to them.
Torana Coupe concept car 1970
This has to be my favourite car of the show! Holden why didn’t you produce this? Torana Coupe concept.
Torana Coupe holden
Bold yet sharp, with body curves like a Swedish tennis player this concept car truly has style and an elegance that no Holden before has ever possessed. I just cant believe they have had this locked away in a warehouse of failed concept cars never to see the light of day, well im glad this one has relived its moment in the spotlight.
motorclassica outside show
The show was not all inside there were twice as many cars on display around the royal exhibition building as there were inside.
fiat Abarth 500
The fiat Abarth, “what a crazy little scorpion of a car” imagine owning one of these back in the day, probably the fastest 500cc car of its time.
Lamborghini Jarama
What is this you may ask? a Lamborghini Jarama the sportier version of the Espada and the much pretty looking version.
Motorclassica Big crowd
A big crowd gathered to admire the huge amount of cars on display outside of Motorclassica.
Lamborghini Aventador australia
The Lamborghini Aventador, love it or hate it, it is a true piece of art and completely pushes the boundary’s on car design, like a supermodel it is both beautiful and ugly at the same time.
Dodge charger
Nothing better embodies 70’s car design like Dodge, gone are the days of big heavy tuff cars with large loud engines.
Lamborghini lots of them
Lambos for days! each model has a style of its own, it’s just hard to pick which one to go with!
Ford Cortina classic
The classic Ford Cortina, these things are just plain cool, lots of style, compact and fun to drive.
nice paint
Factory fresh! look at this paint! this Ferrari looks like it has just rolled of the line.
prancing horses, ferrari
So many prancing horses! so much red! so much money!
Porshce 911
The classic 911 the car that i think really made Porshce stand out at the time and today it still looks and exudes speed.
Austin Healey 3000
I can’t go past this Austin Healey 3000, it is the ultimate sunday driving car! 11 seconds to 100kph and it was built-in the 60’s, there are modern hatch backs that are meant to be sporty” that struggle to hit the same speed in 11 seconds.
Fiat 500
Why so much positive camber? i don’t think i will ever know the answer to this question!
With such a huge range of cars from many different eras it is not hard to appreciate this event and the amount of work that goes into it. Year after year the show just keeps getting better! i only hope that next year they bring along more old school concept cars.
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