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OTR Motorsport :: JDMST Meet Vs. Toyota MX73 Twins

It seems the shaky Melbourne car scene is on the mend after a successful and relaxed JDMST end of month meet last weekend, held at the On The Run Motorsport workshop in Melbourne’s south east.
With the day kicking of bright and early at 9am and continuing until the early afternoon cars came and went all day long, with around 50+ cars mixing it up over the duration of the day.

The OTR workshop filled the front car park with their own demo cars and customers cars, with some inspiring time attack prepped Evo’s to this clean G35 Skyline.

The owner of this Evo took some time out to talk and chat with some of the JDMST members about the car and it’s current setup.

The first two cars that caught my attention while parking were these two MX73 Toyota Cressida’s, It was love at first sight so I knew I couldn’t leave with out getting some proper pictures. (Scroll down for more!)

Some more of the OTR line up complete with show plates, these boys present them selves very well with one of the most amazing showrooms I have ever visited here in Melbourne!

The service lane outside the workshop when I first arrived in the morning, with only a hand full of cars present it was definitely a case of quality over quantity here.

Geordie’s little blue Fiat turns heads everywhere it goes, it takes some serious dedication to not only maintain but to then modify an older chassis like this let alone on your ‘P’ plates!

Inside is a relatively standard affair,  but who can pass up the charm of an older car. With a wood grain steering wheel and large dials there is just a certain character that newer cars simply do not have.

The G35 Skyline was sitting on OTR’s latest wheels, Concave Concept wheels. Currently only available in 18″ they do however come in a range of offsets and colours and start from just $1200 a set!!

The cars, the shop… Everything just screamed Japan! Once I stepped foot in the shop it was like I had stepped through a mini gateway into the back of a tiny Japanese performance workshop.

In the small space available top brands and performance parts were scattered everywhere, I was in awe!
With carbon body panels and quality wheels down one side, suspension, inter coolers and other performance parts down the other.
There was even a huge display of Japanese car magazines!

This is truly an oasis for any self confessed Japanese car enthusiasts, to see a display of products like this brought a big smile to my face.

Stepping out into the workshop the wheel display continued and stepped up a notch with a full display taking up both walls!

PCD 1… Because race car!!
With the afternoon quickly approaching I decided to take the opportunity to shoot both of those Cressida’s I saw coming into the meet first thing in the morning.
Both owners were happy to oblige so here’s what happened next…

What you see here is two extremely cool examples of old school done right, Brandon and Dave have both owned their Toyota Cressida’s for less than 12 months!
Brandon has owned his silver Cressida for 10 months.
Dave has owned his gold Cressida for just 6 months!!

Both cars have been heavily influenced by the Japanese car scene with countless ‘JDM’ inspired mods to both of these Australian delivered rides, what the boys have done is build the cars to look the way they wanted, not to please anyone else in the process.
For instance the wheels…

… Both cars run replica wheels and who cares when the cars look this good?!
I wish I knew more when I first got into modifying cars 10 years ago.
Brandon’s silver MX73 Cressida runs Kota AE Teks wheels in 15×8 0 offset, with a 25mm spacer to add some character to the older Toyota sedan.

Dave’s MX73 sits stupid low on a set of Rota Aleica’s in 15×9 with a staggering -10 offset!
Both the cars run original suspension with modified springs, both cars have some new coil overs in the mail to help get the perfect ride height and to try and gain some much needed comfort where possible.

Inside is any classic Toyota lovers dream, full electrics in a mid 80’s car and even a factory optional CD player available from the showroom when new!!

Both cars turn heads where ever they go with a simple no care given attitude that comes with the territory of driving an older modified car, especially one’s that get driven this low!

The boys have given both cars a little bit of added flair here and there, both now have yellow fog lights and KE70 Corolla fender mirrors to finish off the JDM inspired look.

No matter how many people comment and say this is not an original/unique look it is certainly something we want to see more of on this side of the world.
I struggle to think of any other car that would look as good on the same budget and get as much attention as I saw both of these Cressida’s getting last Saturday.

A back seat fit for a… Domo?
These boys really get into the whole Japanese theme.

A close up view of Dave’s rear wheel fitment and ride height, not a bad effort also considering these cars drove over an hour each way to get to the meet on the day!

Brandon’s car had a touch of VIP goodness thanks to some Junction Produce rear curtains, only the best for the passengers in this car.

Both the boys have big plans for the cars as funds allow, in the near future the guys want to go down the manual gearbox and supercharged SC14 path.
Later in life they would love to look at putting something a bit beefy under the hood, can you say 1Jz conversion?!

Dave also wants to track down a bobtail spoiler for his gold Cressida and for all those haters out there yes… The boys would love to be able afford some genuine rims down the track.

Given what these guys have achieved in less than 12 short months we’re extremely excited to see what will come of these two Toyota’s in the future.
We had a blast meeting up with these guys and enjoyed spending some alone time with their mint cars.
Until the next meet/feature, Thanks for reading.
– Gwyn.

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