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SAU :: Show N' Shine Como Park


Melbourne’s heating up as summer is fast approaching and the SAU Victoria boys and girls enjoyed their yearly show and shine under the sun in South Yarra’s Como Park.
With nearly twice the amount amount of cars enter compared with last years event things are really on the rise for the club, with a strong focus on motorsport and club racing days the members of SAU relished at the opportunity to sit on the grass, relax and talk rubbish about cars all day.

The cars on show were flawless, with everything from R32’s to a single R35 on display the variety of Melbourne’s Skylines were very well presented from the street cars right to the track cars.

The cars were arranged in a large circle with the single R35 in the dead center all the other Skylines seemingly ganged up on their porky younger brother.

There is a large amount of sibling rivalry going on here in this picture, every time we post a picture on our Facebook page showing these two cars together the comments start flowing… Why can’t we all just get along?

It was a fantastic sight to all the different generations mixed together despite the lack of older generations, no R31’s or any classic models made it along for the show.
Here’s hoping for next year!

With Skylines easily being the most popular import amongst Japanese motoring enthusiasts it’s sometimes hard to get excited by seeing a large group of them together but rest assured these aren’t your average ‘P’ plater Skylines you see 10 of on your way home from work…

… Nope these owners are your true Skyline connoisseurs, these cars have been meticulous cared for with careful choices of modifications and maintenance while in the hands of SAU Victoria club members.

If you look carefully enough you will see a few trademark call signs popular among the younger generation like this Domo ‘drift charm’ hanging underneath this stunning Lightning Yellow R34 GT-R.

Now SAU Vic is a big club, so big that members stay involved long after they have moved on from owning their own Nissan Skyline. Even new members who don’t even own a Skyline are welcome to join the fun and attend track days and show’s like this one.
One of the friendliest clubs operating in Australia!

However with fitment and wheels as good as this on an ‘invading’ car I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a bit of unfriendly feelings between members, especially when there is $1000’s worth of prizes up for grabs!!

Another highlight of the non-Skyline entrants was Jason’s Toyota Supra, clean factory lines with plenty of carbon fiber additions!

With no expense spared under the bonnet… Just check out the JDM air box!!

There was an impressive amount of R32’s ranging from daily driven to track prepped GT-R’s.

Without all the usual frantic pace and noise of the racetrack these members took the opportunity to just sit in the grass and take in all the Skyline glory on show, lunch was catered for with the largest order of Pizza’s we have ever seen!

After lunch it was time for club president John Richardson to hand out some give aways, with heaps of merch from the team here at GSS he was standing there for sometime throwing stickers and lanyards into the crowd!

The cars on show were judged by a top panel of members and guest, the winners won’t be announced until the last SAU Vic event for the year in December so stay tuned as we will update this post with the results.

The crowd favorite was easily Daniel’s Nur Spec R34, with it’s killer looks and ingenious duel fuel system that detects the amount of ethanol in the fuel changing the ecu map on the fly allowing him to run E85 and RON98!

This R33 is one of the usual suspects at the regular SAU Deca days in Shepperton, nothing like a clean car that gets to see a bit of track action.

Evo’s seem to be quite popular amongst members given their ability at the track we expect there will be a few more joining soon.

Our favorite ‘invader’ had to be Manoj’s E46 M3 BMW coupe.

Dropped on Varrstoen 1.1.2 wheels the car has a nice look with a truck load of carbon accessories thrown at it!

With the best badge replacement we’ve ever seen too!

Joey’s GT-R is one of the cleanest R32 going around although this white BNR32 stole our hearts a few months ago when we first saw it on it’s gold BBS wheels.

The Zero Clearance boys and their S13’s were there with what seemed like the largest media group I’ve seen at an event like this so expect plenty of coverage from those guys.

Speaking of media the SAU Vic boys go above and beyond and even have their own you tube channel “SAU VIC TV“, with regular updates with all of the clubs shenanigans.

This was one of the best R33’s on display, we loved the dual exhaust setup that suits this shape to the T!!
The large exhaust is necessary…

… Thanks to this breathing RB26 complete with clear cam cover and plenty of go fast bits… And blue don’t forget a lot of cool blue bits!
The radiator setup and overflow tank was incredible, this ‘SNISTR’ GT-R was a complete package!

On show was even a few 4 door R34’s!
Defiantly not as popular as the coupe we would love to see someone go all out with one of these here in Australia, big fat wheels, engine transplant and a unique colour to finish it off!
Someone needs to step up to the plate!!

One of the most iconic paint jobs for any Skyline is of course Bayside Blue, followed closely by Midnight Purple.
To our surprise we didn’t spot any Midnight Purple GT-R’s at the show!

There was heaps of ‘popped’ bonnets with owners showing of their pride and joy, it was rare sight to see a 100% original engine bay in this mix of cars.
With simple additions to all out performance builds these guys enjoy their horse power!

Inside every car was a host of electronic meters and gauges, it became a fun game spotting all the boost controllers, air fuel meters and every other enhancement available from the land of the rising sun.

We still can’t decide whats more awesome in this picture… The old school Supra or the amazing Totoro hat with built in pockets!!

We went a bit crazy spotting all the expensive mods some of these Skylines had, modifying one these is definitely not for the fain hearted (or financially challenged).
Tucked behind these Volk wheels are some massive Endless brake calipers and discs ensuring this 1,500Kg war horse can stop on a dime!

The show came to an end in the early afternoon and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!
The boys and girls from SAU Vic are some of the friendliest enthusiasts we have come across in our time running GSS.
Be sure to join up and become a member to get involved with future track days and meets.
Thanks for reading and enjoy some high resolution wallpapers below.
– Gwyn.
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