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Shockworks : BBQ

ae8686 toyota

Recently local suspension experts Shockworks Australia put on a feast in the hills for customers and friends to have a friendly chat and show of their handy work, they also brought along a few demo cars to see how their products stack up against the competition.
When free food is on offer and a few rides are up for grabs its hard to resist! So the whole GSS crew trekked up to the hills to check out the view and fine cars on show.

lost of cars olinda jdm
Matt Russel went to huge efforts to bring his well know wreck ’em AE86 up to Olinda, fully caged and setup for drift, this car is a regular at many of Australia’s drift comps recently competing in Tasmania and Melbourne rounds of the ADGP series.
lost of cars olinda jdm
A crowd soon gathered to admire this drift weapons setup! at home in the engine bay is a Nissan SR20DET, just our kind of Frankenstein swap!
lost of cars olinda jdm
Only the bare essentials are needed inside, no 5 stack dvd player or gps units in sight!
ae86 lots of them
From this angle you can see the similarities between the older Toyota’s…
lost of cars olinda jdm
The owner of  this AE86 went to great lengths to make everything look factory finished under the hood.
With some mild tuning and supporting mods it has a nice healthy delivery of power hiding beneath all the factory intakes…
The grand prize here is the rare OEM Airbox setup!
white ae86 tofu
Is this a specialist tofu delivery vehicle perched on top of a hill? looking right at home in Hatchiroku territory.
lost of cars olinda jdm
Chris’s Corona is one tough looking Toyota! It sits nice and flat to the ground on Shockworks coil overs of course!
The Star shark wheels look the goods too!
lost of cars olinda jdm
Chris knows all about fitment and finding those hard to find parts, since the BBQ Chris has fitted some electric JDM fender mirrors!!!
ke70 initial d
If your a fan of Initial D then you”ll know what this sticker is all about, this KE70 is totally at home in these hills.
ke70 wagon
A now rare wagon! it was great to see one in such good condition with a great set of wheels to match.
lost of cars olinda jdm
No paint on front bar… because race car! (This Chaser has attended a few of the recent DECA days)
lost of cars olinda jdm
Probably the best looking 4 door saloon going around, the Toyota chaser is big car with big power!
lost of cars olinda jdm
You may have seen Harley’s JZX100 Chaser on GSS before and this is for good reason… We love it!!
lost of cars olinda jdm
86’s were out in force thanks to www.ae86drivingclub.com.au for rallying the troops!
lost of cars olinda jdm
The SSR mesh wheels seem to be very popular, this because they look so god damn good on an older rig!
lost of cars olinda jdm
This car and its owner are said to be the god father of the Hachiroku in Victoria, just checkout the homemade fiberglass bonnet!
lost of cars olinda jdm
Nice colour choice! and great rims to match
lost of cars olinda jdm
The test ride vehicle may sit high, this is for good reason. The Shockworks coilovers are set at the most optimum setting for smoothest ride and handling. Hella flush isn’t everything it often leads to hella smash and hella no-functional!
But rest assured… they go low, very low!
lost of cars olinda jdm
Check out these ultra rare wheels on the Mikey’s S15 of Team Tuffcore fame. Mikey is a real ‘wheel slut’ with lower standards than most… he likes the wheels that others reject, only kidding Mikey we love you and all your tri-spoke wheels you are hiding a way for the day they’re popular again…
lost of cars olinda jdm
Is it a truck or ute?? We see a smoke stack with a hat!
Word on the street is that it is rb20 powered!
lost of cars olinda jdm
The entire GSS team enjoyed the BBQ amongst some fine cars and great people!
After a ride in one of the demo cars we were very impressed to say the least, the stock standard S13 (with no other handling mods) performed brilliantly even on the softest settings, it was put to the test with some quick flicks of the steering wheel.
On soft it was still super responsive and on the hardest setting it managed to navigate a dirt road with ease! No bolts rattled loose anywhere!!
Check out the website and see why they’re fast becoming a household name among local drivers/drifters and racers.
Thanks for reading,
Team GSS.

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