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SAU :: September DECA Day

Once again Skylines Australia Victoria return to DECA to battle it out over 3 different courses in one big day of Motorkhana action.
Many members of the SAU made a whole weekend out of the event which meant not much sleep but lots of driving and plenty of crazy nights!

The day was hosted by a Skyline club so I was very surprised to see this supercharged Lotus screaming down the track, it was quick, I mean really quick! The sound it made was fap’tacious!

Sean’s battle scared S14 has been to nearly every event in Melbourne this year so it is no wonder it has a few wounds showing, it’s clearly all cosmetic as it was still going flat out on the skidpan!!

This was the only Supra on the day, the number plates are no joke!

Here Ash shows us how you avoid a group of ducks on the track, you drift around them!!
Even though you cannot actually see any ducks in this photo he insists they were there!

Sw20 MR2 looking great with full Bomex kit and some sleepy eyes, I was very happy to see one of my favorite cars in action on the track.

This Stagea did well to navigate the back course, considering the track was quite skinny and the Stagea is… well not exactly skinny its self!

Aaron from Import Monster’s new Toyota 86, hooking a turn and pulling some serious G’s.

Some say that the new 86 doesn’t have enough power from factory, this picture of the little coupe getting a bit sideways tells another story.

Head to head, These two Toyota 86’s had some great battles throughout the day.
After reading countless reviews on the 86 it seems the little sports coupe lives up to all of the expectations on the tarmac, the car performs effortlessly and both the drivers had the biggest smiles from behind the wheel of their brand new purchases.

Spotted new taillights straight out of Japan!
They look amazing in contrast to the white paint, most likely the only guy in Victoria to have a set of these.

Battle time! Easily the best part of any Motorkhana event, everybody love’s to watch the battles and cheer on their mates as they navigate the tight course.

Jacquii pushing incredibly hard in her S13, luckily the navigator was there to help point her in the right direction.

If you hit a cone you have to put it back! But where is the right spot?

Some call him the king of deca others call him leon, you can see him here as an orange blur in the background.

Aaron from Import Monster shown discussing his new toy.

Lloyd, limit bashing in his trusty AW11 MR2! complete with new straight through exhaust.

The SAU club has a large following and always put on a great event at DECA.

Yeah you know it! A Chaser leaving a wall of white smoke so he can get the upper hand in this battle.

Going in with full commitment, takes a lot balls and insanity.

A mean looking R33, getting a bit loose on the debris on the skid pan.

A P’ plater with mad skills, hitting the corner like a pro!..

… linking corners with out loosing to much speed.

This Elfin MS8 looks like one hell of a handful, super exciting exciting to watch on the track.

So much power in such a little package!

From the side profile you can see exactly how tiny this car really is, huge brakes, big engine and small wheel base make for lots of fun!

There was also a small handful of the classic AE86’s out on track.

A Datsun triple SSS Stanza that just got faster and faster every run he completed.

All credit has to go to the organisers and volunteers at SAU for putting together such a flawless event.
We have been to DECA Sheparton many times this year and its always a great day out.
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