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Fiat :: Pheasant Creek Catch Up

After driving in circles around Kinglake on the hunt for the cafe meeting spot, I found myself a little lost. That was until I spotted a Fiat, gave chase and luckily it led me straight to the meeting point.

This is such a nimble looking car, very light and balanced. Once I laid my eyes on it I knew there would be more than one unique gem at the meet.

I really wasn’t expecting this Lancia Delta S4 in the flesh (or metal)!  Okay, it’s not the full blown twin charged legendary monster of my dreams, but it is the closest you can get. I was truly blown away.

No parking under trees for this classic!

The Fiat 124 Spider was by far the most popular car on the day, for good reason.

Just look at that face and those clean lines! This is a prime example of how many cars used to be completely original.  This is a contrast to many of today’s designs, which all seem to be cast from the same base.

From old to new, this Fiat 500 did a great job of standing out in the crowd, not to mention how it wears its colours with pride.

It’s a real shame that the days of the hood ornaments are long gone.

Forget the Model-T, check out this Fiat 501. It was amazing to see one of Fiats first major cars alongside some of their newer models.

Classic rally cars don’t get much better than this.

The set of semi slicks shows that this car is no garage trophy, and is used to being driven hard on a regular basis.

Nice and simple up front, but in the background you can see the fire extinguisher is in prime position, not half hidden under a seat.

When you see an angry scorpion you know it means business!

It’s great to see Abarth are making a comeback with the Fiat 500 and Punto.

This is the little Fiat I spotted and followed to the meet.  From a distance I thought it was a Fiat 500, but on closer inspection…

I love the little cooler hanging off the front!

Simple and functional, this interior is solid and definitely not made of cheap plastic.

One of the best things about this car is that it’s equipped with suicide doors!

These guys definitely know how to care for their cars. I don’t know what their secret is but I’d love to find out.

Nothing inside but timeless quality.

From this photo you can see how Fiats style extends between models.

This subtle racing harness almost passes for a normal seatbelt.

The may be generations apart, but on the day most of the family was there.

I have a soft spot for a mid-engine car. Despite the pain of fixing them, nothing drives like a mid-mount!

Not just a coffee and chat style meet, the event later moved to a large garage. Hoping that this wasn’t a glimpse of what lay inside, what came next was more than I anticipated.

This simple looking Clubman was one of the many interesting projects within this garage.

It may be mistaken for the fuselage of some type of aircraft, but in actual fact it’s the body of a Formula 2.

A very popular series, this 1100cc Formula 2 ran from 1955 to 1958. This shows just how light and advanced these cars were back in the day.

Everywhere you turned there was another ongoing project. This one looked like the beginning of a miniature hotrod.

One of the newest additions to the garage was this very rare and sought after Lancia Flaminia GTL Touring Coupé.

This car was in very good condition considering its age. Check out that gear stick!

What garage would be complete without its very own fuel bowsers?

Under these sheets lay many legendary cars. It was incredible to see so much history in the one place.

You don’t see many Isuzu Gemini’s racing anymore!

The collection had something for everyone as shown by this Cortina, one of three housed in the garage.

This interesting looking frame looked like it has the potential to become something truly great.

By far the youngest person at this event, I was surprised by the number of cars and the amount of knowledge in one place. It was definitely the most interesting car meet I have been to in recent times and I hope to attend many more like this.
If you would like to see more Fiat action check out the Fiat Club of Victoria
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