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Meguire's MotorEx :: All Stars

With the Auto Salon shows now put to bed, Meguire’s MotorEx has stepped up and taken the title as Australia’s biggest car show!
Now in it’s 12th year it is now bigger than ever!
With Sydney Olympic Park as the venue the Dome was filled with custom hot rods and classics and the odd Japanese car or two…

Outside was a display of modified cars from all over NSW, responsible for getting the group of jaw dropping street cars was the newly found All Stars crew.
With a focus on appreciating all the different walks of life in the car scene, when it comes to modifying cars, not everything is about ‘stance this’ or ‘JDM that’!

Although most of the rides outside were of the JDM persuasion, this did not bother us one bit!!

The street cars ranged from the subtle to the wild, this Silvia is definitely from the latter!
With some very intense wheel poke from both the front and rear, we loved how the rear fenders finish almost perfectly with the wheels!

This black FD Rx-7 on bronze Enkei gave me a flashback to playing Gran Turismo 2 on my old PlayStation.
Changing the wheels was one of the only visual mods you could perform in game and I had my own RX-7 looking nearly identical!

The biggest attraction amongst the All Stars group was Troy’s S14, having only been just finished in time for the show all the hard work was paying off!
Hardly a minute went by that there was not a huge crowd around this 200SX, with a huge amount of attention to detail it is easy to see why.

With a spotless engine bay, wire tuck and colour matched everything!
People stared all day long at what some simple modifications can do to a street car.

There was a fairly strong Honda presence outside an even the JDM Yard DC5 made it into the show inside at the Zen Garage stall!

Outside a couple of track cars had snuck into the display, parked together was two of NSW own Blaze Unit drift cars.
Scott’s 180SX (S15 Front) and Jabbit’s 2JZ powered S15 showed off the level of fabrication and talent we have in Australian drifting.

Another car that sees plenty of track action, the Gorilla Industries Supra. This car is extremely competitive in the time attack scene.

Inside was Australia’s biggest display of custom cars and hot rods, with the general theme being ‘all out or nothing’

One thing these guys nail is the colours, if you want to spray a car, forget going to dealerships or paint stores…
Go to any hot rod show and you will be blown away with the shiniest of candy paints!

The All Stars crew had more cars on display inside, with safety in numbers you found the best of the best the crew had to offer…

The original Skyline, this Hakosuka had even the most exclusive hot rod fans appreciating it’s factory lines.

Built to Order unveiled their latest creation, a K20 powered EG civic with a level of finish that put some of the classic cars to shame.
Owner Tarik has had plenty of influence building fast Honda’s from his brother Hassan, who at one stage owned the fastest N/A powered FWD street car in Australia. Another K swapped Honda, this time a Del Sol Crx.

One of the most expensive Japanese cars inside was this Lexus LFA… Thank god it’s wrapped and not painted!

Our favorite car there was this NSX-R!
The owner had another car on display inside… we wont give away to much but the other car has an angry bull on it’s badge!
We hope you enjoyed our coverage of the Japanese offerings at this years MotorEx event.
Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.
Photos :: SB Captures – Facebook page

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