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JDMST :: The Last Bridge Meet?

Another month, another meet.
With planning left to the last second the meet nearly didn’t go ahead this month.
A few days before the end of the month someone decided to announce that the meet was on and just like that, a few days later we saw over 100 cars mix it up under Melbourne’s iconic Bolte bridge.

One of the first cars to catch my eye was this black on black Accord Euro, with Illest everything!

With a sticker on every side…

Even on the center caps!! This guy love his Illest gear!

There was plenty of the usual suspects, like this simple S15 with dished out rear wheels.

With about 15+ meets under the bridge in South Melbourne we have started to go a bit ‘artsy’ with our shots…

There was a strong Toyota presence at the meet with plenty of cool old schoolers like this KE26 wagon.

External oil cooler for the win!

For a second I didn’t think anyone was driving this car!!

Something was telling me to take a photo of this JZX100 Chaser, it’s as if there was a sign from above!

Heath’s Datsun wagon stole some attention from some of the newer cars.

Everyone seems to really appreciate the effort it takes to keep something like this on the road.

Rumor has it the owner has a new car up his sleeve, we can’t wait to see what he brings out to the next meet!

One of the loudest cars of the day.

External gauges help keep an eye on the angry rotary engine sitting in the bay.

As the years go on the earlier EVO’s get better with age!

A rare sight at these meets, An FN2R Civic with a nice and simple wheel combo the car is transformed.

Looking down the line we couldn’t leave this red EVO alone.

Perfect choice of wheels with Volk CE28’s in bronze!

We also loved the carbon canards hanging off the front bar!!

New Australian reality tv show… So You Think You Can Scrape?

I would love to drive an EK Civic like this for a daily, not that it would be very functional at that height… Regardless I was in love!

More puddle shots!!

In case you can’t tell by these photos, it is in fact the middle of winter here in Melbourne.

Hiding in the pack of grey and black cars we found this red Mazda, this isn’t the first time we have had a shot of this hot hatch grace these pages.
The popularity of these MPS hatches will sky rocket when their second hand price falls.

The naughty corner of the meet, a few falcon owners came to check out the meet.
The red one is a bit of a rocket and believe it or not these were probably the most behaved cars at the meet!

Check out this Toyota Cald…. Wait what? This is actually a Honda Civic with a crazy body kit…

Complete with personalized brake discs!!

JDMST regular Jimmy looking less than happy.

We found a second sexy red Evo hiding in the group too!

Stay tuned for more of this little white Honda Del Sol, something is very different with this coupe so we took a few shots of it for a little feature!!

No meet is complete with out bmx riders cutting through the crowd, that’s right all the cars with bikes on their roof racks actually use them!

This R34 had a few females stopping for a look… I guess you could say it was a real ‘hit’ with the birds!

One of the best examples of an AE86 in Melbourne, we shot this car way back at the Classic JDM event last year.

A combination of track and street attire is always a good mix!

Got dish?

The Evo 7 staring down the crowd.

A shiny Honda Accord, looking very VIP inspired.

I’ve seen these plates on a 180SX drift car before 😉

With access out to the water still a few cars snuck out for a few photo opportunities.

This is one wild looking S13, a bit much for some… We thought it was pretty tough!

There was only a little splash of euro flavor this month, this R32 golf had a stupid amount of bass echoing off the bridge thanks to four sub woofers!!

Subtle blue finish on these Work XD9’s, very unique colour!

My favorite wheels still… Work Sp1’s in black and a polished lip.

Melbourne’s docks provide one of the best backdrops, every time we shoot here around sunset we get a killer shot!

It’s always nice to spot a sticker on a car at these meets, loved the placement too!

Now permanent fencing is getting installed under the bridge, this could be our very last meet under the Bolte!
So the race is on to find more suitable locations to keep this community alive.
Until the next one, thanks for reading.
– Gwyn.

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