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This meet was weeks in the making and the Club ITR members organised a meet for both EP3 Type R Civics and DC5 Integras.
Bad weather clashed with the planned date (but this is Melbourne, so can we really expect anythign else?) and it was postponed for a few more weeks. So fast forward to the new date and this is what happened…

I met up with a small group of Civic owners in Melbourne’s South East and with around four white EP3’s we were off to a good start!
We had hoped for good numbers but we were very pleased with what we saw when we arrived.

On the way to the meet, we managed a couple of rolling shots.

This was my taxi to the meet, thanks to the owner Chris for allowing me to jump in.

When we arrived there were two DC5 Integra’s waiting for us.

Within minutes, more cars were joining the group and soon we were struggling to find a spot for everyone to park.

This Civic is certainly one to divide people, owner Peter is set to change the wheels after having had a little bit too much attention from all the wrong people.
I won’t give away what he is planing on getting but it will certainly make a lot of people happy!

With the original meet point being less than desirable and having such a good turnout, there was now way too many cars for the makeshift car park.
Luckily only a stones throw away there was an empty lot so the cars quickly moved in…

After some formations were set up, it was time to start shooting like crazy, so every man and his DSLR got to work.

One more black Integra and we could have made it a double stuff Oreo cookie!!

What is so interesting about this particular engine bay?.. How about a supercharged K20!

Enkei RPF1’s set this white Integra off!

The setting sun and small flowers shooting up from the cracks in the concrete all made for some interesting photos.

This Integra had quite the crowd with the hood/hatch popped.
Hiding inside were plenty of goodies including a massive ‘X’ brace in the back.

With the Integras covered, it was now time to move onto the EP3’s.

This was rumored to be the biggest group of EP3R’s in any one place here in Australia, with 12 in total there is still plenty of room for improvement!

It will be sad to see the Gram lights go as this combo has really grown on me.

While everyone got busy taking photos, some owners stopped to chat and compare setups, it seems the topic of the day was intakes.

With 12 Civic’s and only 9 Integras in total, the EP3’s won the day!!

These quirky looking hatches don’t ‘hard park’, take one of the best chassis that Honda has ever produced, add in some upgrades to the suspension and brakes like these Spoon calipers and you have one angry little terror that could take down a lot of bigger dogs out on the track.

Milano red is a very rare colour in this generation, amongst a sea of white it really stands out and draws your eyes in.

This car is arguably the last true type R from Honda, the newest generation hatch is known as the soft version in comparison.

Why are so many people in love with the red ‘H’ and all it stands for and why do some love to hate it?
For many they love the level of engineering and the ‘underdog factor’ that comes from owning one of these high revving 4 cylinder engine.
The hate factor can almost certainly be put down to the ‘fan boy’ factor that is associated with Honda enthusiasts.

My last shot of the day, a perfect facelift DC5 sporting the Club ITR sticker on the windsscreen.
If you would like to join in on the fun next time, become a member at http://forum.clubitr.com.au/
Thanks to all the owners who attended, it was a great meet with an even better bunch of people!
Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.

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