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TYP901 :: FedSquare Porsche Display

911 melbourne federation square display
The 911 is one of the most iconic cars going around and on this cold day in Melbourne, about 25 nicely preserved 911’s turned up for a display that was 3 years in the making, because when you book a spot at Federation Square, be prepared to wait up to 3 years for it!

911 porsche Carrera
There was a wide assortment of cars on display on the day but this was the only Carrera RS, the subtle differences made this car completely stand out amongst the crowd.
old 911 back many cars
Keeping cars like this in immaculate condition is no easy feat and when you consider that these cars are 40+ years old, it makes you really appreciate them even more.
victorian 911
it was good to see that many of these cars were road registered and are not just hidden in garages and only driven on the occasional weekend.
simmons wheels on a porsche
Only a nice set of Simmons wheels can make a porsche look even better!
911 history the shape
The shape that started it all! Its no wonder the 911 Porsche is so popular to this day.
cool stickers
I don’t know what it is about these old school stickers but I think they add a lot of character.
photos of porsche melbourne city
The amount of people I saw taking photos in front of the Porsche’s was staggering, It is almost like these cars are the thing of boyhood dreams and that the only way people can live out those dreams is through displays like this.
911 details
The rare badges and fine details are something you don’t see on the cars of today.
brass engine parts
i love the brass springs and bolts on the throttle bodies, they show the type of quality and prestige this legendary car is known for.
club stickers
Even the club stickers are classic and well designed.
racing 911
This looks to have seen some track action in its day.
911 fuel
Nothing says race like a fuel filler right in the center of the bonnet.
911 toys
Although this my look like a toy cars interior it is not! Just the bare basics is all that was needed back in the early 1970s.
911 stance
This isnt the place you would expect to find good fitment and stance-like ride height but this Carrera RS was doing it very nicely.
911 colours
A rainbow of Porsche’s!
911 targa
Targa top! Looking at this makes me think of the Audi A1 silver highlights and whether this was the inspiration for it.
911 frogs
This colour probably started the frog label for Porsche, but damn it looks good.
911 porsche 356
With these wheels the car almost looks like the 356 Porsche!
porsche badges metal
just another cool badge!
911 old school fog lights
This is one of two cars sporting funky little fog lights.
Even children where getting a kick out of seeing these cars.
911 melbourne
Engine stickers! These should be remade for all types of cars! They are great and make it much easier to identify the engines in these Porsche’s.
The TYP901 club put on a great display and really showed the public how beautiful these classic cars really are.
If you want to check out more info on the TYP901 club forum, http://www.typ901.org/
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– Grant

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