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jdm cars
The Jap car meet up and cruise expected a turnout in excess of 200+ cars and it was all organised via facebook!! This event had all the makings of a large JDM meet, but as soon as people arrived, they were gone just as quickly!
suby wagon
Everyone quickly grabbed a parking spot and soon the place was filled.
Bet you didn’t you know that wagon’s are back in? Itss true! There were Legnums, a Caldina, Subaru’s and even a VW Passat wagon.
fc rx7
Some of the first people to arrive were the RX7 boys.
 old rx7
There was a decent rotary following going on and it was good to see the classic RX7 is by no means gone and certainly not forgotten.
rx7 headlight
In my opinion, pop up lights are the most futuristic thing invented for cars! It is a pity they outlawed them on newer cars due to the damage they would cause to pedestrians.
jap cars
These three were the only cars in this area, then suddenly the whole thing was full!
ae86 racer
Primed and ready for a touge battle! It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I do like the race inspired taped headlight.
ae86 close up
Its ok, it’s only a flesh wound! And we hear chicks dig scars like these!
ek nice
Simple and clean, this EK was looking like magic! What I find strange is that it hadn’t been murdered with stickers! I guess that’s why this car looked so nice.
silver chaser toyota
Didn’t see many chasers on the night, but managed to grab a quick snap of one hidden up the back.
200sx red
With oil cooler hoses this low, I would be scared to drive over anything!
hilux mini truck action
Its not all about jdm , I spotted this mini truck away from the crowd.
white supra
This one had such a unique front lip! I can honestly say this is the first time I have seen one like it.
Japanese style ke70 with headlight conversion
One of the finest examples of a well modified ke70! This is ‘faptastic’! The owner should be very proud of what he has achieved with this car.
Another kesev and nearly all of them had welded or locked diffs, also check out the fitment!
lots of cars
When someone yelled out “Lets cruise, follow me!” it was a race to get out of the carpark!! This caused a bit of a traffic jam. The cops had done their normal rounds, watched, talked to a few and considered blocking people in, but the place had too many exits! Three or so squad cars did a drive through and the place really cleared out.
This may look like a SAU meet! its not, its only the skyline section moving out.
suburu rx wagon mags
Later I heard that the cruise was heading up around the King Lake and Diamond Creek area. Many who turned up late did not want to battle traffic to catch up though.
mr2 sw20
The worst part about this meet/cruise was, there were a fair amount of people who turned up after
everybody had left! Some who had driven all the way from Geelong and were only late because of crashes on the ring road.
A group of Subaru’s were late, they had stopped to help a Subaru owner lower his wrx and also got caught in other freeway delays. This has got to be one of the fastest moving meets I have ever seen!
Thanks for looking,
– Grant

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