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JDMST May :: Imports of The Caribbean Market

Melbourne’s latest JDMST meet was held yesterday morning, with a new location and time slot it was set to not be a hit with the masses.

With the meet starting at 9am at the Caribbean Market in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, for some it was going to be too early and for some a bit too far… To top all that off, the weather was looking less then fantastic!
However the crowds did turn up and the car park filled beyond expectations!

I was extremely surprised to see this purple kitted up R34 roll into the car park.

There was something about it I just couldn’t put my finger on…

It was actually an R32 with a R34 front end conversion!!
Certainly not something you’d see everyday! Also conversions like this aren’t everybody’s cup of tea but well done to the owner for building such a unique looking car.

One of the first cars I stopped to take photos of was this brown Kesev, everything was on point.
Loved the DORI show plates too!

There were a decent amount of Honda’s like this EK Civic, rocking all the usual good stuff… Recaros, hood bra, roof racks and a nice amount of stance.

This little Diahatsu was back on the road after clearing a recent defect notice. It was cocking it’s legs like a small terrier thanks to a nifty airbag suspension set up.

This little performance started to pull in a small crowd.

Gerry’s stunning 240K Skyline made it out for the early morning meet.

While it remains classic in appearance on the outside, it’s far from classic under the hood! With an RB25 and a host of modifications to the drive line, suspension and brakes make it all work.

Inside this brilliant machine, it’s the same blend of new vs old. Trimmed into the center console is a double din screen controlling the soundtrack to this Japanese muscle car.

There were also a few hot hatches on show, they looked like the perfect battle  – parked side by side… Jap Vs. Euro.
We would love to see these two go head to head.

By 11am the designated area was close to full and cars arriving struggled to find a park close by.

This S15 on black Work Miester’s is one of the best examples of that old saying that sometimes ‘less is more’.

It was great to see an Sw20 MR2 out and about, they seem to be dwindling in numbers these days.

Some more old school Toyota love, two KE70’s parked side by side.
From memory the owner of the orange Corolla is from Ballarat, massive dedication right there to get to this meet!

Check out the amount of lock on the blue one!

A Gripshiftslide.com sponsored drift car made an appearance too!

There were actually a heap of stickers on cars at the meet!
From both Grant and myself, thanks for all the support. Even though the stickers don’t make us rich it really is great motivation seeing dozens of cars with the logo on them.

The man responsible for this meet gets to drive this Liberty home! Very jelly!

Rob of Full Motion Photography fame’s very own MX5, looking just as tough as ever.

It was nice to see this little red 86 now registered and with some new wheels!

Now I think I might be getting a little slow these days, because I only just worked what the plates on this Cappuccino mean…

Inside the cozy little Suzuki Cappuccino was a nice wood grain trim and Nardi steering wheel.

The car park was now full and cars continued rolling in!

Spotted a nice little diffuser set up on this EM1 Civic.

300ZX Vs. 180SX.

Micheal’s I ‘heart’ Grip RX Impreza made the drive from the west, with a few more details finished inside this is shaping up to be one of the best street cars in VIC!!

This classic Celica was amazing to say the least, sitting on Gram lights and sporting an engine bay you could literally eat off!
Sitting next to it was one extremely rare TE27 Corolla too!

Something you never see on Australian roads, a Nissan S15 Varietta.
The car looked perfect in this colour!

Something equally as rare but somewhat  unnoticed at a JDMST meet, a BMW E30 wagon!

A touch of VIP, this Toyota Crown had quite a crowd around it all day.

Tri spoke wheels don’t work on many cars but this 4th gen Honda Prelude is one of the exceptions.

Rock out with your SOHC out!

Gareth’s super clean and soon to be turbo MX5.

This white FD RX-7 stole a few hearts that day, it was gorgeous!!

Back to the brown KE Corolla that had a few people staring, check out the massive drift pipes!
Also to the female owner of this car, well done!!

So despite being early on a Sunday with some not so fantastic weather, the turnout was great!
With the final car count somewhere around the 200+ mark, the numbers were awesome!
Well done to the organisers and all those involved. Looking forward to more planned meets like this without having to worry about people ruining it and police interrupting the fun.
Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.

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