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Huffy Sliders :: Skids In The Hills

Yesterday the hills were alive with the sound of sliders, some of the guys and girls from the huffyslider facebook group hit the streets for some afternoon fun.
We decided to gatecrash and try and capture some of the action.

The day kicked off in the afternoon with around 15 sliders taking part.

Just like the drift scene each slider had plenty of personal touches.

The speed these guys can get through the corners is unreal, with some of the runs over 2k long it can get pretty hairy with a large group.

After a run the bikes get thrown together onto the back of a ute or trailer to get back up the hill…

There was a lot!

Nearly every rider had a camera strapped on, I can’t wait to see some of the footage.

After the cars passed it didn’t take long for the ghostly sound of the bikes to cut through the silence, you can hear them far in the distance screaming down mountain for a full minute before you can actually see them!

Plenty of people came to watch, finding a spot to park was a bit tricky on the windy roads.

After a few more runs at the first location, a call was made to the local police.

The guys were kindly asked to move on by the ‘boys in blue’, the bikes got packed up and everybody jumped in a car.

Another location was organized and the team quickly got there and setup for a few more runs.

Within 20 minutes the crew was sliding again, the second location had some interesting corners.

This hairpin made for some awesome backwards entries.

This corner hadn’t been ‘hooked’ this well since the night before.

The hairpin also claimed a few of the riders, with a couple of spin offs on the first run down the road.

The sliders split into a few smaller groups as they came down the hill, one group in particular had a few tandem runs through the last corners.

Sometimes the brakes just aren’t that great coming down a hill like this.

Yes it really is as much fun as it looks!

This guy is hitting over 60kph on this little bike!!

It’s a long way down…

Thanks for the heads up!

This was an absolute blast to watch, I hope to catch a few more of these events in the future.
The guys are an extremely friendly bunch, if you want to take to the hills with them next time be sure to hit up their facebook page for updates on events and Huffy related news.
(I would like to advise that during these group sliding days everyone wears appropriate protection and follow strict guidelines if they ride with the group, there is constant radio communication and both lead and chase cars ensuring everyone is safe.)
Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.
P.S. Extra photos will be on our facebook page in the next few days!

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