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Tyrepower North Melbourne :: Dyno day

s15 red and dyno crowd
Chasers Motorworks have been building performance cars for over
10 years now, so it was the perfect location for a dyno day.
Tyrepower North Melbourne put on the whole show and it went off without a hitch. For once Melbourne provided stable weather, so the crowd turned up, the BBQ was turned on and there were plenty of cars at the ready.

180sx ce28n wheels
There is nothing better than a set of Work wheels. They always make a car stand out and look the part, especially these Emotion xd9 wheels.
2jz engine
The Nissan killer! What happened Toyota? Why haven’t you made a new tuner motor that compares to the 2jz?!
Mitsubishi evo 9
Fap! Another set of jaw dropping wheels that suit this Evo like a bawse.
toyota camry lookin gangsta
This would have to be the best looking Camry in Victoria, VIP inspired and hella cool.
polo with porsche wheels
This Polo has style! Noted by many as the most unique car on the day, thanks to a set of Ronal Turbo wheels.
subaru boxer engine black and white
One of the many boxer engines making is mark.
dyno sheet
The number speaks for itself! That’s right, its a Nissan!
evo 9 silver
Another set of wheels taking the scene by storm, Rays TE37SL’s! These wheels look good on nearly anything!
Combinen with this tough as nails Evo and you’ve got a winning combo.
bmw m series
It’s these little details that speak volumes.
rx3 rotor
We heard this beast before it even arrived. Soon it had a welcoming crowd assembled. Want more? See this car in action on the dyno >Video
rx3 rotor
Yes that is steam you are seeing! The car was ok, it was only the turbo beanie letting off a bit of heat.
nissan s14 on rays wheels
You don’t see too many s14’s around the streets these days and it is a shame because the aggressive front end on the series 2 is pretty damn nice.
mitsubishi evo 10 white
A lonely Evo 10!
honda type r
It was good to see an intresting mix of cars during the day, Honda, BMW and Subaru all made an appearance.
nissan r34
Vu’s legendary R34 GT-R, eases off the dyno with millimetre precision.
Crx or Wrx? That is the question!
bmw's in a line
With all these bonnets open, this line-up looks almost like a car dealership.
sti rex
Black and white, black and white (I think that’s how that song went…) Great contrasting wheels on this very clean STI WRX.
sti rex
From one Rex to another, I’m liking the dark evil look on this one.
dyno crowd
It was packed! Consequently I didn’t get many photos of the cars on the rollers.
chasers workshop
What is a workshop without a skyline on a hoist?
engine on tyre
There were plenty of goodies hiding around the workshop!
A Golf R pulled 181kw, one of the biggest numbers for a ‘Euro’ on the day.
nissan r32 silver wide kit
Nissan ‘more door’ R32 sporting a mix and match body kit.
Nissan 370Z, with some nice custom touches and a great colour scheme.
rx3 rotary crowd, audience
With a large crowd and almost 80 cars involved, Tyrepower North Melbourne and Chasers Motorworks put on a awesome display of cars and horsepower.
Heaps of people turned up and showed off some of Victoria’s finest street and jdm cars. The scene is definitely growing and it is great to see so many newly modified cars, see results below!
Thanks for reading,
– Grant.

Outright Dyno Winners (kw at
the wheels)
FWD   Dominic White          Ford XR5                 188.40kw        
RWD   Matt Crawford          Toyota Supra           402.60kw        
AWD   Vu Quach                Nissan Skyline          276.50kw               
LOWEST        Tony Doung             VW Golf                  52.60kw        
FI                 Matt Crawford          Toyota Supra           402.60kw        
NA               John Baily                Ford GT                  319.50kw          


Surname Car
1 Anthony Bui Subaru WRX
2 Son Nguyen Nissan S15 157.9
3 Neil Gray Honda Civic 75.9
4 Hoang Nguyen Toyota Chaser 203.7
5 Simon Wisniak BMW 135i 235.9
6 Carl Baguisi BMW 135i 219.7
7 Scott Gillespie Mini Cooper 120.7
8 Alex Barnett Mini Cooper 123.8
9 Ruth Harrison Mini Cooper 109.6
10 Craig Web Mini Cooper 90.8
11 Mark Hewish Mini Cooper 124.3
12 Huy Nguyen Honda Integra 136
13 John Baily Ford GT 319.5
14 Dean Brown Mazda MX5 96.2
15 Johnny Balazo Mazda MX5 66.4
16 Thai Tran Honda Civic 130.1
17 Ryan Marsh VW Polo 123.7
18 Andy Honda CRX 135.3
19 Gerardo Mendez Toyota Aristo 358.5
20 Trung Nguyen Toyota Chaser 194.9
21 Daniel Basetti Mazda RX7 307.2
22 Vu Quach Nissan Skyline 276.5
23 Matt Crawford Toyota Supra 402.6
24 Tam Pham VW Golf
25 Manny Su Nissan Stagea 170.5
26 Melvin Tang Subaru Impreza 59.9
27 Christopher Lai Honda Integra 131.6
28 Stech Mark Honda Civic 132.6
29 Bea Ko Honda Jazz 63.2
30 Evans Kismawidjaja BMW 135i 206.3
31 Trudi Holz Mini Cooper 131.5
32 Sheng Chen Nissan Silvia 187.8
33 Adrian Mahendrata VW Golf
34 Wik Sahala BMW 335i 232.7
35 Erfan Nizar Nissan 370z 303
36 Peter Bodon BMW 135i 212.2
37 Kyne Soto VW GOLF 152.9
38 John Lam Toyota Caldina 122.2
39 Peter Pham Mitsubishi EVO
40 Mark Mansour Subaru WRX 193.2
41 Beau Munari Ford Laser 120.3
42 Dominic White Ford XR5 188.4
43 Bekim Abdula Nissan Skyline 145.6
44 Angelo Perera Honda S2000 136.9
45 Tony Doung VW Golf 52.6
46 Aleksandar Gvozdic Honda CRX 94.6
47 Joe Assi VW Golf 165.9
48 Robert Giuffre Honda DC2 121.3
49 Royce Castillo Nissan Skyline
50 Sean Liley Mazda 323
51 Beldwin Go Honda Civic 138.4
52 Deane Ocallaghan Mazda RX3 326
53 Massimo Persiano Nissan Silvia 176.7
54 michael nguyen Honda Integra 149.9

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