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Road Track Rally :: Forum Battle Meet

Earlier this month the very first Forum Battle event kicked off with a meet at the newly launched Road Track Rally workshop, With a few competitors and a bunch of cars from the JDMST forum the turn out was great!

There was plenty of cool cars to gawk at, although most people stayed away from the cars and got busy socializing and putting some faces to the names they see online.

Everyone’s favorite Astra, the blackboard paint was a hit on the night!

The cleanest MX-5 in Melbourne?

The interior matched the outside perfectly!

One surprise on the night was Anth from build-threads.com bringing his old school Datsun down.

The thing was absolutely awesome!

The only other Honda at the meet, this beautiful EM1 Civic coupe was quite the gentleman with it’s manly mustache.

Nice colour on this 180SX.

I never thought this shape would grow on me, the front definitely has. The jury is still out on the rear end…

Marty from Mighty Car Mods brought the little blue Daihatsu along to the meet, with most of the car park covered it was time to head inside…

Inside the workshop was quite the wonderland of car parts and toys.

RTR had many expensive machines scattered around the shop.

A few top shelf exhausts… (see what I did there?)

For in house tuning RTR has this bad boy tucked away in the corner of the shop, an AWD mainline dyno.

The boys really have everything, upstairs was home to two massive flat screen tv’s, one with an Xbox and Forza Motorsport, the other with a PS3 and a copy of Gran Turismo.

Justin Fox from Zen Garage catching up with Daz and Brad from RTR, after one very long drive down from Sydney.

Justin and the crew brought down a ton of gear from their shop.

Don’t let the cleanliness of the workshop fool you, the boys at RTR do plenty of mechanical work. This Evo was getting it’s engine rebuilt and there was also a GT- Four Ceilica hiding away under some covers getting plenty of work done.

The workshop is also home for the RTR EVO X, this thing is completely built from the ground up and looks like it will be quite the monster out on the track.
We hope to bring you some more information and photos of this impressive time attack car before it hits the tarmac.
Don’t forget to visit RTR on the web, Like their Facbook page for live updates or head over to the website and see how they built the EVO Time Attack car.
Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.

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