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Random Snap'z :: XKR jaguar

xkr jaguar side profile 2011
Sometimes things just appear, just like this XKR Jaguar that happened to park 20 meters away from my house.
I was surprised because I had only ever seen these at the motor show and you occasionally see Lambo’s and Ferrari’s around but not this type of Jag.

xkr jaguar badge
As the badge represents, this car is no joke! Although it is large, with a v8 power plant it does 0-100kph in 4.6sec’s
xkr jaguar back 2011
Some may say that this design looks very similar to the Aston DB9.
xkr jaguar 2011 wheels
Monster brakes are needed to stop this large coupe. I’m shocked at the modern design of the wheels and the (look at me!) red calipers.
xkr jaguar side on
This photo shows the length of the Jaguar and the sleek flowing lines of this giant coupe.
xkr jaguar front side
In my option, this is one of the better looking Jag’s designed in the last ten years!
xkr jaguar front
Rare and brilliant and I’m guessing the guy who drives it is English and likes to drink, considering it was parked out the front of the pub long enough for a photo shoot.

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