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What seemed like a normal JDM Style Tuning meet soon became one of the biggest meets in Melbourne, with recent meets seeing as many as 100 modified cars this one doubled that figure and then some!
The monthly meets are becoming quite the event and each one is like a car show. At every meet everyone walks around and checks out all the other cars instead of just standing next to their car giving everyone strange looks.

The quality of the cars was as good as ever! This Evo X looked great with the sun setting on it’s metallic paint.

Everyone’s favorite colour scheme on an equally popular car, Ae86’s are becoming quite the modern classic.

A mint Evo 6, not sure about all the roof racks getting around on them though.

BF Ford Falcon on Work Emotions, definitely a fan of Japanese wheels on domestics. It really brings new life into what is otherwise, an overdone car.

Gorgeous FD RX-7, perfect from the front.

Even better from behind, with a very nice Kakimoto exhaust.

The Melbourne meet had been gatecrashed by this absolutely ballin’ MX-5 from NSW.

Running 16×8.25 on all four corners!

Stanced Vip Gloria, this crazy Y34 has been making it to quite a few meets lately.

This was the first time I managed to get a few snaps of her alone. (That sounded wrong, didn’t it?)

I heart Grip-shiftslide? How awesome is the DC2 Integra on custom widened steelies.

Tough R32 Skyline with drift pipes.

One of the classic cars attending the meet was this wicked little Sunny Ute.

The little Sunny managed to find a friend too!

Easily the most sinister looking Toyota Camry I have ever seen!

Absolutely dumped on a set of SSR MS1’s.

Another I heart Frush sticker, these things are everywhere!!

One of the most modified Mitsubishi Evo’s getting around, MR EVO was certainly getting some attention.

This sharp looking Evo was sitting in the corner looking very intimidating, thankfully the owner wasn’t and asked for a sticker for his windscreen. Looks great!

Two clean S13’s, one with drift pipes and one with drift tek wheels.

Gorgeous Honda S2000 on some very large Work XD9 wheels.

There is always a car that steals the show when it arrives. This meet was no exception…

Three incredible Lotus’ arrived all together in a perfect line, one Elise and two Exige’s.

The real star of the three was this bright yellow Exige, with a personal best of 1:30 around Winton, it was a pretty serious car.

The big reason why this was the center of attention was the engine. This Lotus was equipped with a 2 liter K20A Honda Type R engine.
With a supercharger strapped to it for good measure too!

The other Lotus’ were nothing to turn your nose up at either. And this one certainly looks like it has seen a few track days.

Honda Del Sol’s are a very quirky looking car to start with, when people start fiddling with them they tend to end up looking very strange indeed.

Luckily that’s not the case for this black CRX, it must be one of the best Del Sol’s on Australian roads. Thanks to some awesome ride height and a set of BBS meshies.

In the blink of an eye the meet was over and the cars started to roll out, one after another and soon the place was empty once again.
With the meets becoming so large there is talk of sourcing a new location, a few JDMST forum members are in talks with the local council to get a permit so the meets become an official event and can’t be mistaken for trespassing or anything worse.
Hope to see everyone at the next end of month meet, until then…
Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.

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