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R34 GT-R :: Nur Spec

This is one of the last R34 GT-R Skylines ever made, with a build date of 2003, it is one very special car.
As the R34 line was approaching it’s end manufacturing date at the factory in 2002, Nissan decided to make a limited release of only 1000 more called the ‘Nür’ after the famous Nürburgring racecourse in Germany.
These final cars are host to several improvements to the already potent package that the R34 GT-R offered from factory.

These Nür models fell into two of the standard trim levels of the R34, V-Spec II models had stiffer suspension and aero enhancements like the rear diffuser over the standard GT-R. While the M-Spec had revised suspension and a full leather interior along with heated front seats!

Around 750 V-Spec II Nür’s and only 250 M-Spec Nür’s were produced.
With production numbers like these, this is one very, very rare car!

This particular V-Spec II Nür came into possession by a young man named Pond, here in Melbounre only two short years ago.
Since owning the car, Pond has only done 3000 km’s around town as it has been his absolute pride and joy.
Owning a car like this, it can be hard to avoid the modifying bug. Pond has restrained himself from ruining the resale value of his beloved R34 though…

… But this did not mean he would leave the car untouched!
One of the first things Pond got for his car was a set of Rays CE28 Genesis forged wheels, adding to the rarity of this car as these are one of only 500 sets around the globe.

The wheels are 19″ and a massive 10.5″ wide all round and set the car off against the Millennium Jade paint!

This is the perfect engine bay, clean, functional and home to one impressive engine!

The power plant of any quick Skyline, the RB26DETT.
Being a Nür, there is more than meets the eye, the engine is the “N1” version of the RB26.
Based off the N1 engines produced by Nismo for motorsport use.
These engines had improvements to the oil and water lines, while the pistons and the crankshaft were also upgraded.

The biggest improvement was the use of steel blades in the turbochargers as opposed to the ceramic blades in the standard models.
These improvements allowed some tuners to make up to 350kw without touching the engine!

Helping this Nür get rid of exhaust gasses is a full HKS Hi-Power system, this helps make a little extra power and looks great poking out from behind the diffuser!

Despite the stiff ride and huge amounts of power, all the creature comforts are here; air con, airbags and even a dvd screen!

The holy grail of Japanese performance cars.

One of the coolest features on any R34 GT-R is the 5.8″ in dash display, showing a heap of vital live readings like oil and water temps.
All from factory!!

The Pièce de résistance of Pond’s Nur Spec GT-R… A Top Secret carbon fiber bonnet.
The bonnet is the newest addition to Pond’s ride, it contrasts the car perfectly and ties in well with the front lip.

The craftsmanship is absolutely superb, with so many intricate lines and no faults in the weave at all!

Not leaving anything to chance the hood is secured with some quality bonnet pins.

The spoiler sits a lot higher thanks to some Jun High Mount brackets.

The car’s handling and ride height is improved thanks to a set of Cusco Zero 2 coilovers. Perfect height, low without being too impractical.

This is Japanese muscle.

Easily one of the cleanest cars I have ever seen on the road, there is no doubt that Pond truly loves this car.

Aside from this immaculate R34, Pond has quite the collection of cars. Including a wide body S15, R32 GT-R and a daily driver Honda Jazz!
Hopefully we will get to see some of his other rides in the future.
I would like to thank Pond for bringing the car out for this photos shoot, I hope you guys enjoy looking at it as much as I did.
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