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Hanging By The Rock :: The Japanese Contingent

Waking up at 6am was not what I signed up for on a Sunday morning…

Arriving at Hanging Rock at 9am, it was all starting to come together though.

With well and truly over 1000 cars on display it has to be one of the biggest events on the Australian automotive calendar, I must have been living under a rock all these years to have not known about this (no pun intended!).

This was the 25th Picnic at Hanging Rock event, catering for classic cars from a host of different countries.

The most popular being the ‘muscle’ Aussie and American makes. But we thought we would kick things of with the underdog, the Jap cars.

The Japanese line up was absolutely superb, with a large range of Toyota’s and Datsun’s on display.

Race spec Corolla, getting some new stickers from the owner.

Later in the day the driver placed his race suit on the bonnet, because race car.

With any true classic Japanese car, fender mirrors are a must!

Hello there children!

One of the best Nissan R31 Skylines going around, Mark’s balln’ R31 will be with the rest of the team at the upcoming Forum Battle Show and Shine the first weekend in March at Calder. Be sure to come say hi!

There were plenty of nice Datsun 260Z’s on display, none presented as well as this Z.

Mazda R100, smaller then a shoe and powered by a rotor… what more could you want?

Datsun 620 Ute’s are pretty damn cool, add some uber rare 6 stud wheels and it suddenly becomes a whole other level of cool.

Big sticky tyres on an old school RA23 Celica.

One of the cleanest examples I have ever seen in person.

Jap front KE70, looking very fresh and new amongst all the other KE’s at the event.

Rotor powered AE86…

This thing has been receiving a heap of attention after an appearance at a drift day late last year, it was shredding tyres all day long.

My personal favorite: a two tone Datsun 1600.

The car was pretty simple and clean for it’s age.

No monster power here, just clean and factory.

This 1600 sits so well on mesh wheels.

Such a classy badge.

Dat front.

Plenty of classic Celica’s on show, now square…

… Or round head lights, that is the question!

One of the more interesting colours I have seen on an RX3.

No doubt this RX3 was a fast car…

… Judging by the serious stopping power hidden behind the wheels, the brakes were massive!

Crazy front sway bar on this Corolla.

It’s easy to see why the younger kids are getting into them and restoring them or even modifying them completely.

SR swap in an old Datsun is one way to put a smile on your face.

One of the oldest Toyota’s was this KE15 Corolla, it was absolutely mint!

Datsun 180B looking all ‘old timey’.

A very cool Datsun Ute, the funky old caravan hitched to the back was a nice touch.

As we left the show we stopped to get some shots as the cars were leaving, snapped this pretty cool pic of the Datsun 620 ute heading home.

Heaps of coverage coming up for the rest of the show, also plenty of extra pics heading to our Facebook page soon so be sure to check it out.

Thanks for reading,

– Gwyn.

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