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Invite Only :: Honda Meet

Two weeks ago I was invited to a Honda only meet, what was going to be a lazy Sunday evening at home turned into a busy night of moving cars and taking a few hundred photos as the sun set over Melbourne’s docks.
Organized by a few friends and an attendance list of only 20+ cars, it was quite the surprise with over 60 cars in total!

Nearly every Honda was out in force, 5 Jazz’s in total with two very modified examples.

I have always had a soft spot for these guys, They make for a great daily around town and can look great with a new set of wheels.

A black EP3R is a rare sight here in Melbourne, in a sea of white and occasionally red EP’s this was the first time I have seen one in the flesh!

As the meet went on we arranged a few cars together for some group shots, Not only did this make for some interesting photos but nearly everyone at the meet had a D-SLR and was snapping away like crazy!
I’ve never seen so many cameras at a meet before.

One of the best looking cars in yellow!
It’s good to see as S2000’s drop in price they haven’t dropped in quality.

Missing blue otherwise it would have been a full set!

I surprise attendee was this first generation Honda Civic, this ladies and gentleman is why we have Type R’s and Nsx’s.
This little guy put Honda on the map worldwide!

While this one remained fairly standard it did have a race inspired interior, with fixed bucket seats and a racing wheel.

Such great lines, I miss seeing classics like this on the road.

The latest generation Civic is light years away in terms of technology and manufacturing advancements, next year will mark the 40th anniversary of the Honda Civic and is definitely something to celebrate!

The ‘other’ K swapped FD1 civic in Melbourne, this one was converted by Seeker Motorsport here in Melbourne.

Only two FN2R Civics came to the meet, still very new on the scene they will gain popularity as their prices come down and more parts become available.

With a bit of maneuvering we managed to get the FD Civic’s out from the crowd and do some more group shots.

Honda definitely got the rear end right on this model!

Very aggressive lines from factory,  add a lip kit and some aero goodies and you have a monster!

One of the only ‘VIP’ styled cars was this superb Accord Euro.

Heads turned when this came in to park.

It really goes to show if you spend your time and choose everything carefully you can make any car stand out, right down to the placement of sticker it was spot on!

I’m going to be snapping some pics of my favorite wheels from each event and hopefully compile something at the end of the year.

Enkie RPF1

Volk CE28

OG Sans (BBS E50 replica)

Work Equip 03

Sportmax XXR 002

What was expect to be around 20 cars turned into 60+, all just by invitation and word of mouth.
No forum posts at all!

5 lug EG Civic.

Aside from my own car, this was the only CRX at the meet.
The SiR models are extremely rare in red, in fact they’re extremely rare in anything other then black!

During the meet two of the friendliest police officers in Melbourne showed up to see what was going on, just the night before at the at the same location during the JDMST meet a Daihatsu Charade was defected by Highway patrol!

The Airwalker front lip looks great on this Ep3R

A long time later we arranged the second biggest group for some shots.

7 Epr3 Civic’s together is a pretty unique sight any where in the world!

After a few hundred photos we moved the Civic’s on to make way for the elevntybillion Integra’s…

This took around 30 mins to find the owners and move all the cars to right places, big thanks to Chris for taking the lead and directing everyone.

The effort was worth it, how good do these DC2 Integra’s look together.

After seeing a lot of Dc2’s have JDM front end conversions done I’m really starting to enjoy the original front end.

There was also quite a few DC5’s as well.

Looking down the line from the rear you could really see some similarities between the DC2 an newer DC5 chassis.

This was a great meet with good people and great attitudes, some beautiful Hondas and no silly ‘Vtec-ing’ up and down the street.
Big thanks to Chris for organizing and the invite, hopefully we see some more meets like this in the future.
Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.

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