s2000 bolte bridge meet

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Eg civic, white

Hype soon built with the large number of people expected at the meet, and the hardtuned.net Facebook page soon lit up.

I arrived a little late and didn’t expect to find a park, though myself and the lucky few behind me quickly snapped up the last ones.

R34 blue GTR

Just coincidence, or was I seeing double? The R34 seems to be regaining popularity and for good reason.

hardtuned meet lots of cars

The wide variety of cars showed that no matter what type of car you have, the overall reason for coming together is the same.

people at car meet

Though not quite as big as Sydney, Melbourne is really starting to show its force in numbers with each meet seeming to get bigger and bigger.

flared guards 200sx

Some nice guard work going on here!

holden drag car

Without a doubt the most powerful car at the meet. With head sized turbos and enough noise to deafen people 3km away, this car was a true monster.

drag car burnout in a crowd

Burnouts between cars in a stupid crazy drag car! No worries, except for all the cars that got sprayed with stones!

gt3000 and legnum

Two Mitsubishis that deserve more respect. Both very underrated cars.

ed civic

This forth gen Civic with complimenting wheels really looks clean and unmolested.

r33 big aero

Some pretty funky aero going on here!  Looks like this may not be just a hard parker.

mini carpark

Strange, I didn’t realise that there was a whole other mini carpark at the back of the place.  I guess when you need to find a park you find a park.

jdm cars roll up

More and more cars continued to flow in!

skyline r31 coupe

Two door R31… Amazing!

R33 fitment, stance

Aggressive fitment! There is a hard line between having flush fitment and a daily driver without smashing the shit out of your guards.

ford esscort

Love the superlites and the tight tuck that’s going on here, the Escort is one car you definitely do not see on the roads anymore and that’s a real shame.

skyline r35 gtr black nice wheels

R35 perfection.

r32 skyline stance

The P-platers are really sticking it to the oldies and showing them how to modify. Great selection of wheels and ride height.

R34 nice blue

Check out the attention to detail on the valve caps and white tyre highlights! These small things really made this car stand out.

phat silvia nissan, nice stance fitment camber

The camber on this Silvia really helped to make this car look lower and phatter than it really is.

packed car park with sunshine

Hey look the suns out! Okay, it didn’t last long, only enough for me to take a photo of the huge crowd.

Melbournes nicest mitsubishi EVO

An old favorite of ours, MREVO returns to show the evo crowd how it’s done!

Honda Legend, nice stance

Don’t you hate it when you have to drive directly into the sun?

R34 mad GTR

Yet another fine example of the R34.

S2000 with rear diffuser

This photo racked up 200+ likes on our FB, and it’s easy to see why. This car truly is a masterpiece and it seems that you guys think so too.

classic corolla

Some nice classics, it’s good to see that these great cars haven’t been forgotten.

Honda Jazz Dropped

Back in the day I used to see quite a few great looking Jazzs hanging around, but these days not so much… So where are they all?

lorimer st

If only we could add another level to this carpark! There seems to be plenty of height to build up…

sticker bomb skyline

Not just a Honda thing, sticker bombing is a trend that is here to stay.

ke70 orange

A Super straight KE! So clean and well looked after.

datsun 260z

The price on these has skyrocketed in the last few years and it’s easy to see why. What a shape and what a legend! It was great to see one in person.

datsun 260 engine

Complete with its original engine, which looks like it has been lovingly rebuilt.

honda legend tough stance fitment

I couldn’t get enough of this Honda Legend! I still remember when it had the standard wheels and bags. I have to congratulate Oxer on his fine choice of wheels and incredible stance.

nice wheels

So tough! Mugen M7’s re barreled here in Victoria to offer some ridiculously low offset!

Yellow ke70 with quad headlights

Ready for war! With a fat tyre profile and decent offset, this KE70 looks like it wants to rip your arm off and beat you to death with the wet end.

Burnout crowd

The crowd assembled on the road to witness the drivers giving their cars hell all while attempting not to crash them.

bog down chaser

Checkout the weight shift!  With the extra weight in the back and the foot to the floor this chaser’s ass nearly touched the ground!

R35 on the move

No smoke, no steam, only astonishing speed. When this R35 flogged it, it disappeared within a couple of seconds!

wrx dark

By this time it was getting pretty dark and the majority of people decided to call it quits…

s2000 large group shot

… Except for this large group of S2000 owners!

Melbourne city s2k

What a view! Right on the water, it was the perfect place to take shots of one of Honda’s most loved cars.

s2k meet awesome

I didn’t waste any time quickly sneaking in and taking a few photos. Where else do you see this many S2000s together?

S200 honda low many cars

With so many nice cars and quite a few people displaying some decent driving skills, the Hardtuned Meet was a huge success. This spot has seen some of the biggest car meets in Victoria this year, and if the scene continues to grow we’ll have to mark out measured parking to fit in as many cars as possible!

Thanks for looking,

– Grant

  • Ash

    Thanks for the great shots and kind words about my zed :)

  • George

    People taking off like heroes again, no wonder police defect everyone. Great way to destroy our meets guys, keep being heroes.

  • Datsin_180b

    I love the last couple of pics, not only coz of the s2k’s but mostly the back drop. Great pic man

  • Nice set Grant.


  • Two_pac_u2

    nice shots guys..and well organising..thumbs up!!! see u next time..


    Thanks for the shot of my black r34 Grant! cheers