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Ryan 'Slide' Cummings :: Widebody S13.5 Silvia

Ryan Cumings is a name some will know and others are only just beginning to hear about.  However after a very successful year in 2011 and his performance in the 2011 ADGP series in his amazing black S13, he is sure to become a household name.
We managed to catch up with Ryan and his car earlier this year.
Despite our struggle to think of a location we could use for the shoot, given that the car is completely dedicated to track use and is unregistered, we decided what better place to use than the iconic Bolte Bridge in South Melbourne, with loads of room and hardly any attention we moved this black beauty around with ease!
So this is the much anticipated story about Ryan and his wide body S13.5 Silvia…

Ryan took an interest in drifting at a very early age and while he was still in school, he began watching Option dvd’s from Japan and checking out a local drift club in Brisbane called the SR20 Club.At that time no one really knew what drifting was and some of Ryan’s friends called his new found interest “sliding”.While still in high school he picked up his first car and was the envy of all his friends! It was a clean MKII Toyota Supra that soon earned him his nick name…  Ryan ‘Slide’ Cummings.

In 2005 Ryan attended his first practice day at Queensland Raceway and it wasn’t long after this event that he purchased the very same Silvia that you see here today!In the 5 years that he has owned the car and has been drifting, he has developed both his driving skills and his car to be competitive on a national level, so a lot has changed over the years.In that time the car has gone from orange to black, S13 to Onevia, Onevia to S15 front end, the original non turbo CA18 has been swapped in favour of a built RB25DET.

The new engine setup makes an impressive 360KW on 20psi and has been incredibly reliable thanks to James Hogan who is Ryan’s #1 man when it comes to building and maintaining this beautiful piece of machinery.
At every event James is by the cars’ side ensuring it is ready for some of the most demanding driving anyone can ask of a car.

What makes Ryan’s S13 stand out amongst a sea of professional drivers and cars is his attention to detail and the fact that the car looks better than some street/show cars out there and believe it or not, this is exactly the same setup that the car is driven on during competitions. Simply perfection.

These images were taken just days before the Tasmanian round of the ADGP series earlier this year.
It was during that round the car came off the track and the body kit was completely torn off by a gravel pit!! But never fear…

The car was put back together in time for the recent Melbourne round at Calder Park and I must say that the car was looking as good as ever, with a slightly different front bar  to keep things interesting, making the car look even wider (and tougher?!) than it really is!

Now the S13’s appearance is intense to say the least, thanks to the 130mm wider rear end… each side!!
With 70mm custom rear panels and additional over fenders adding the extra 60mm, top this off with a 5 stud conversion and a set of Weds Kranze LXZ’s in a massive 18×10.5″ all round!

This is one drift car destined to leave a lasting impression.

Hiding behind the crazy wheels are S14 front discs and callipers and on the rear, Z32 discs and callipers. If you’ve ever seen him on the track, you will no doubt have seen things get a bit hairy, so all these extra goodies help Ryan control the extra power when he really needs it!

Inside you will find it is a case of more function over form compared to the exterior, that’s not to say things have been ‘skimped’ on in here though!
There are a set of Bride Gias seats, a Cusco roll cage and a Nardi wheel along with a few other touches that help Ryan feel at home and take this car from being an average track car, to something much more exciting.

As the car sits the body kit consists of an M-Sports front bar, BN Sports side skirts and rear bar, Slide Industries Carbon Fibre GT Wing.

Keeping engine temperatures in the cool zone is a combination PWR parts, including a custom radiator, oil cooler and an intercooler.
The fuel rail, wastegate, manifolds, throttle body and turbo are all Slide Industries parts…

Did you know that Slide Industries is actually Ryan’s own business? They offer a range of performance products from reputable brands and a sizable amount of their very own products, like the same intake manifold and turbocharger used on this S13. How cool is that!
Ryan has been running his parts in the car of over year now, how is that for field testing!

Not just a pretty face!

Ryan and his small team have done extremely well with very little to no sponsorship at all. But with the final rounds of the Australian Drift Grand Prix fast approaching and all of next years competitions, Ryan and his team are looking for any help they can get.
If you would like to be involved, then contact Ryan through some of the links provided at the bottom of this page.

I think I can safely say the sound this exhaust makes matches the look of the car… It’s sexy as hell!

Here’s a closer look at the monstrous 10.5″ Weds tucked under the rear guards. It has better fitment than some of the ‘stance kids’ could ever hope for and this car gets driven to the absolute limit!!

Could this be the best looking drift car in the country?
Let us know what you think in the comments section below, we’re always keen to hear what our fans have to say.

With the shoot done and dusted, it was time for the car to be packed up for it’s voyage over the Tasman sea for the first round of the 2012 ADGP series.

After the first round Ryan ‘Slide’ Cummings had his sights back on Melbourne, ready to take on the thunder dome for round two!
Unfortunately the gravel that destroyed his body kit in Tasmania also claimed his radiator and the car had cooling issues during the second round.
Despite all the dramas on the track, he still sits in a tie for 10th place overall!! A top effort!

Ryan would like to thank the following people and businesses…
Crew Chief James Hogan, John Cummings, Jeremey Jamieson, Doug Kordis, Krystle O’Brien, Geoff Trapnell & Robert Hales and to everyone else that has been involved over the years getting the car to this point.
Motorsport Partners: NPC Performance Clutches, Lubrimaxx and Slide Industries
Extra Special Thanks to my crew chief, James Hogan.
We are a low budget team, competing on a national scale. James works tirelessly in ensuring this cars is mechanically sound come race day.

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Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.

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