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Workshop Spotlight :: JVN Garage

EP3R Toyota Cressida
Melbourne is now home to a different kind of workshop.  A young man named Johnny, has held onto a dream for many years while he worked his hands to the bone for a few well established performance workshops around town.
With the help of family and friends, he has opened the doors to his very own slice of automotive culture.
JVN Garage is now the go-to place for servicing and maintaining your pride and joy.  There are also future plans to include a selection of local brands to display clothing and products to tie into the lifestyle of young motoring enthusiasts.
I popped in for a visit on day one to see what Johnny had been busy building these last few months…

The factory has belonged to his family for 20 years and as Johnny grew, so did the family business. Soon it became too big for the south eastern factory and Johnny decided this would be the perfect home for his new business venture.  He has spent close to 6 months tirelessly cleaning and fitting out the garage with the very best equipment and tools he could find.

Inside you’ll find not one, but two hoists!  The aim will be to get the cars out as quickly as they will no doubt be coming in.

We’re sure many hours will be spent sitting at this bench perfecting and fabricating all sorts of exhausts and mounts…

JVN GarageJVN Garage

This was a test pipe being fabbed up for a cafe racer.
While JVN will primarily be a maintenance & service workshop, don’t be surprised if you spot some exciting cars/builds in the shop.  When Johnny is not under a car fixing it or writing music, you’ll find him sliding his SR20 swapped KE70 around at local drift days… so he loves his performance cars too.

As an avid DIY home mechanic with a habit for losing every tool I’ve ever needed, seeing a workshop as clean and meticulous as this is like stepping through the pearly gates into garage heaven!

This is a one stop shop! JVN has a tyre changer and wheel balancer on deck, so there really isn’t much that Johnny and the team cannot do for you.

Move up stairs and you’ll find a stark contrast to the industrial machines and tools below…

You’ll be transported home to a lounge with some spare rooms and plenty of distractions to keep things fun between jobs.

JVN GarageJVN Garage

Air hockey and fooseball will prove to be a favourite during lunch breaks.

Johnny has a strong passion for music, so his decks are never more than a few meters away.

JVN GarageJVN Garage

Cars and music, music and cars.

Downstairs this Toyota GS300 was in for a quick wheel change.

Out with the old and in with the new. Enkei RPF1’s look great on anything!

Outside, the front was filling up with some cars ready for the big launch night ahead.

This MX32 Cressida was gorgeous from every angle.  The owner suggested this was its’ bad side, but we still don’t see it.

From Toyota’s to Honda’s, nothing is out of place at JVN.

This EP3 looked simple but had plenty of additions everywhere you looked.

JVN GarageJVN Garage

We spotted a stealthy carbon intake hidden between the bonnet and windscreen and a host of gauges inside.

The team from Frush banded together to help kick off the new workshop for it’s launch night and it was great to see the local car community already behind the team at JVN.
We would like to wish Johnny all the best with his new workshop and can’t wait to visit again.
If you would like to get in contact with Johnny and the team check out their facebook page or give them a call (03) 8782 4809
Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.

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