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StreetVision :: Big Ambitions

s2k drift on streetr34 blue paul walker skyline

Street Vision’s Biggest JDM meet was planned well in advance. The group has been steadily building its fan base over the last six months and it was time to get the fans out and about. I arrived at Port Melbourne to find this amazing R34 GTR just siting in the shade among a variety of cars.

bmw m3 enginebmw m3 engine

Could it be M power or just nice engine paint work? Either way it looks great! A small crowd gathered as the owner opened the hood and all you could hear was the gasp of air from the crowd as they admired this super clean engine bay.
subaru liberty sti modified
With its subtle looks this Liberty is the perfect covert ‘go fast’ car and is sure not to attract the attention of the law. With a seriously dark tint and red highlights this is one tidy package.

badass Mercedes childrenMercedes kids

Not your average 18 year old’s car! Not sure how they acquired this but one thing is for sure they had fun showing it off!
70's celica interior
If you know your old Toyotas you will recognize this interior! Yep that’s right it’s the legendary Ta22 Celica. That short dash with sunken dials is so classic!
celica yellow old school
This Celica was even sporting a paint job that is so close to the original yellow that they were released in. Keeping a classic car is a big job especially if the car is over 30 years old! This is one true JDM car.
rc cars tamiya yokomo
Not only were there heaps of cars in attendance but there was also a few Drift RC cars tearing up the bitumen. The smaller scale drift RC cars are really getting popular and these days it is very rare to see the old TT01 Tamiya that was once the most popular drift RC car.
impreza subaru wrx look a like
I was very impressed by the wheel choice of this Impreza. It’s not often people get it right but hats off to the owner of this very well presented Subaru. Even though this is not the WRX it does look like one and still complies with the strict power restrictions that Victorian probationary licence holders have to adhere to.
honda accord euro bbs rims
A good variety of cars showed up for the meet and many that were not JDM! This is something that is now becoming a lot more acceptable. Bridging the gap between classes is something we as gripshiftslide tried very early on to promote with our own car shows and it is great to see the wider community continuing this trend.
comic art on car
It is not just stickerbombing that is catching on but also comic/ manga art is starting to make its way onto the scene. Mark my words you will see more of this cool collage work in the future.
rx7 fd red big wheels
This shape never gets old! It is hard to believe that the FD RX7 is now over ten years old and still looks this good. Mazda have plans to produce a successor to the RX7 which is due to hit the roads in 2014. We just hope it is as good and future proof as the FD RX7 was.
nissans roll in
A crowd soon formed just to watch the new cars arriving. Many cars left in little groups but were soon replaced by bigger groups of cars.
nissans roll in
You do not see many Corolla sportivos around as the popularity of this Corolla has declined. It is a hot hatch that often gets overlooked but one that has plenty of up and go and will chop the odd vtec.

honda civic yellow jdmhonda civic melbourne

There was a decent collection of Hondas that showed up including this tidy EK Civic. I like the fact this Civic hasn’t been ruined by cheap eBay parts and that its subtle skirts, spoiler and wheels make this Civic street worthy.
mx5 stunner
The MX5 is making a comeback; so many people are buying them up now it seems like everyone has one for a daily or a track car. This is one sexy MX5 with some seriously nice wheels and double spoiler action!
jdm cars melbourne
Here’s one JDM group with a sneaky euro intruder! There were a handful of euro cars scattered in the crowd, silently hiding and trying not to draw attention.
honda s2000 interior
If you know your Hondas you will recognize this interior. Yes it’s the unmistakable S2000 interior! It’s very similar to the NSX interior but just a tad more modern.
honda s2000
It’s amazing that this car has now become affordable when once it was completely out of reach and only reserved for the semi wealthy. The S2000 is one car that looks great for its age and has to be one of the best convertibles made in the last 20 years.
r34 skyline
Many cars came and went but not all of them stopped to stay and take part in the meet. A strange phenomenon happens at these car meets when a small crowd of cars develops yet no one waits around till it gets big enough to make waves.
s15 blue turbo
Not much is needed to make a Nissan S15 look fantastic. Wheels, suspension, exhaust and a boost controller are all that is needed to make these cars a head turner. Out of the factory the car looks great but with these little changes the car becomes ultimately more sexy.
many cars street vission car meet
From here you can see the many different cars that turned out for the Street Vision meet including a wide variety of Hondas. These are the typical JDM car of choice being zippy, good handling with so many great after market parts. Why wouldn’t you have Honda?!
s15 blue turbo
Here is a small selection of stickers seen on the day. It was great to see our sticker on may cars supporting Street Vision.

ke70 corrola with webber carbie and truppetske70 corrola

The KE70 has always been one of my favorites and a car that has steadily gained popularity over the years. This orange one caught my eye and the owner was nice enough to show me what was under the bonnet. Check out these trumpets hanging off the mean looking carburetors. This was one of my favorite cars of the day with its low and subtle looks.
street vision meet
Another great meet from Steet Vision With 5 times as many cars as their last meet! This huge JDM meet was great and we can see Street Vision becoming a bigger group in the future.
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