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CCRMIT :: Haunted Hills Christmas Break Up 2013

haunted hills race track moe
It’s that time of year again when I find myself at my favorite track watching a group of true racing enthusiast. Track time is hard to get and what better Christmas present than to push your car to its limits around a killer track. I arrived early to find only a couple of cars in attendance. This worried me and to pass the time I decided to take a few pics on the track before the cars got out there.
rally car gold wheels
CCRMIT is primarily a gravel rally discipline based club but every once in a while they hit the bitumen track. Haunted Hills is just the track to end the year with. Both amateurs and pros love this track because it has so much variety.
ccrmit rally cars
The cars soon arrived and the excitement started to build. There was a good selection of front wheel drive and rear wheel drive cars which meant the competition would be good.
ccrmit cars ready to go
From the old four cylinder banger to the current one; all of the cars were getting ready to hit the track! Tyre changes, oil changes, suspension adjustments and many other setup changes were happening before the drivers got their chance to get their cars on the track.
corolla red hill corner
Thankfully there were no early crashes, although many competitors first runs on the track were massively aggressive! Lots of wheel spin and brake lock ups represented each competitors excitement to be navigating this awesome track.
toyota 86 white racing victoria
One of the most modern cars on the track was this Toyota 86. Not everyone has the confidence to push a brand new car around a track at silly speeds but true drivers do.

impressa impressa subaru rally car

This Impreza rally car was lucky to only just clip the orange cone on the inside of the corner and not take out the lot of them. Taking that inside line with enough power to get up the hill is a tricky one. Often people would take too much speed into this corner and occasionally drop a wheel on the exit.
lantra hyandai 3 wheels
That infamous Hyundai Lantra! “Yeah its three wheeling” aggressive in style and like a bull in a china shop Christopher smashes times on the track.
toyota levin
Exactly one year ago this Levin was at the very same event and in 2013 the car does not look any different. Although this is a front wheel drive Levin it was getting around the track very smoothly with little under steer.
lantra rally car
There are some people on the track that are not afraid to use their handbrake on the tarmac and Christopher is one of them. Keeping up momentum on this track can be hard especially when your pushing a small four cylinder up lots of hills.
ford esscort rally car
Upon arrival this Escort had a 4 wheel swap over from rally dirt tyres to a smaller diameter set of slicks. I couldn’t believe how small these wheels were; they looked like go kart wheels!
ford esscort on 3 wheels
With smaller wheels on John’s Escort he had some extra pep in the acceleration department. This combined with soft suspension makes for some wicked corner speed and wheel stands!
ford esscort on 3 wheels on track
Launching out of corners like a ballistic missile this Escort was making light work of this track. With a talented rally driver behind the wheel it was easy to see that this car was putting down some fast lap times.
toyota celica castrol livery
This Celica hit the track later in the day and with its GT4 castrol WRC livery everyone was watching it go round.
toyota levin
Haunted Hills has many interesting corners. This downhill section can often catch people out because it s easy to carry too much speed into it and run off.
toyota celica old school mustang type
Another car that was at last years Christmas break up was …. Celica. It’s always a joy to see this car pumping around the track. I would like to see more of these on the track but sadly this is the only one I have ever seen on a track.
vh commodore
This VH Commodore was very unpredictable. Every third or forth lap it would bust out a full noise drift style lap. With smoke and wild throws into corners I’m surprised this old girl didn’t flip.
old corolla
Talk about a smile! It’s not what you drive it’s how you drive it! This little ke20 had plenty of battle scars and by the looks of things had also done some serious kilometres.
chrysler lancer
The Chrysler Lancer is not your everyday Lancer. Although this looks similar to the 2000 gt lift back Celica it was made two years after the Celica and had considerably less styling than the Celica of the time.

lancer 1975 interiorlancer 1975 interior

My favorite thing about this car is the horse emblem on the steering wheel. It is so pimp! Not to mention the crazy array of sunken dials right across the dash.

race recall excelrace recall excel

It’s great to see more women on the track these days even if they are scaring the shit out of their mothers.
esscort ford rally car blue
Surprisingly there were two ford esscorts at the track and both were pushing it all day long. Although these
mx5 red
It was great to see the CCRMIT club again they definitely have not lost their passion for racing. Apparently this will be the last time the CCRMIT Christmas break up will be held at the haunted hills race track and that makes me sad because it is one of those events i look forward to every year.
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