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Primal MC :: Private Calder Park Drift Day

Rprimal line up, australia
When Calder Park thunderdome is on offer who would say no? So without hesitation Primal Motor club jumped on the opportunity and quickly organized a grass roots drift day. With only 30 spots on offer the event was extremely quick to sell out.
R34 girl drifter, australia
Upon arriving I was completely shocked by the turn out. There were so many nice cars and almost 90% of the people had driven to the event in the car they were competing in. Now that’s dedication!
nissan cefiro drift car
When you see a Cefiro you know it means business. Even before it hit the track I knew I was in for a treat with this unique Nissan. This was one of the most powerful cars of the day.
nissan 180sx drift car
The ‘My Little Pony’ drift toy said it all. This car had to be something special if its mascot was a brightly colored horse that could perform magic and fly.
ke70 wagon
quad light corrola
No need for a taxi when Karls Ke70 wagon is in town. It is one of the first I have seen with a quad headlight conversion.
s13.5 neil primal garage
This car made me double take as at first I thought it was Enders car with a new front end straight out of the shop. It looks pro; why haven’t I seen it before and who does it belong to?
s13 2 tone
nissan sideways
This was one of the most consistent cars of the day with the driver constantly hitting his mark and pulling good angle.
ae86 panda
What’s a drift day with out an AE86?!
s14 purple
nissan s14 drift car
Chris in his s14 was looking great all day long. He was taking plenty of speed into the main corner and very rarely got it wrong.
Nissan Cefiro
This is what 80kw chasing 286kw looks like. Ryan in his r32 would initiate the drift early, hoping to catch up mid corner, but the Nissan Cefiro would just disappear as soon as it exited the corner.
japanese car line up
The day was split into two courses one for beginners and one for intermediate to advanced drifters. Most people would have a go on the beginners circuit before joining the big boys on the other circuit.
rx7 drift
mazda old school rx7
The beginners track layout consisted of many evenly spaced orange markers. This allowed you to drift in between each marker until you reached more at the end that forced you to rip a big u-bomb.
ae86 sideways
sliding ae86 melbourne
No tofu here; only wicked drift action. John in the blue AE86 had the car screaming the whole time and progressively got better as the day wore on.
best looking s13.5
Neil in his s13.5 was blowing away the cobwebs before hitting the advanced circuit. It didn’t take long for Neil to get the feel back and he was soon ripping it up with plenty of flair.
nissan 180sx drifting
The great thing about Calder is its track width. It enables the driver to throw the car at the wall catch grip and use the weight transfer to help propel the car into the main corner.
nissan 180sx drift car
Sometimes things go bad and it was very sad to see the sil80 crash. We loved the style of this car and have seen it at many events. We hope to see the car reborn and back on the track asap.
sil80 crash into wall big damage
The heavens soon opened and the track was littered with puddles. Yet surprisingly the drifters got a lot better with the wet track. They seemed to gain confidence and started to perfect things that hadn’t worked in the dry.
s13 wet track
Gerald does know how to thrash a car! His car has been to so many events in the last six months that he himself admits it needs a freshen up.
180sx skid racing
It wasn’t only men who were drifting. There were some up and coming women who really started to shine once the rain set in.
r34 girl racer
Even the competitors could not keep their eyes off the track while changing a tyre.
red 180 nissan
Not only was the main corner being abused, but also the back straight where many people would drift better without the fear and pressure of the crowd.
huge angle nissan drift
The angles got more extreme just before lunch was called and maybe it was their hungry stomachs that made them go harder.
bbq and corolla wagon
There is nothing better than a free lunch. With so many starving people a bbq was the only way to satisfy the large crowd.
toyota and mazda shoot out
While everyone was eating I took the time out to take a closer look at these two beauties! With such great attention to detail both cars really stood out amongst the crowd.
toyota 86 drifting in australia
One of the more modern cars on track was this toyota 86, it really looked amazing and we cannot wait to see more of these out there.
rain and lots of drift
The rain came again so we all huddled under a temporarily shelter. The view was limited but the drift action couldn’t of been better!
nissan wet drift
rain and skid racing
With so much water on the track it was hard to tell if we were watching boats or cars!
wet road
Primal Motor Club really knows how to throw a fantastic casual drift day. It’s great that this group of friends have come together to help extinguish the rivalry and ego that breeds within some parts of the drift scene. If your interested in grass roots drifting make sure you like their Facebook page> (Primal Motor Club Inc) to get involved.
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