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I Love Volkswagen :: Summer Sun Show

With so many sunny days in a row it was perfect weather for a summer themed car show, namely the I Love Volkswagen – Summer Sun show. We were all ready for one of the biggest Euro car shows of the year.

The event was held at Como Park which is a venue normally reserved for large, local sporting events however after arriving early, I noticed that this years event was much bigger than the previous year.

The space was very quickly filled by some of the best looking VW’s in Victoria and despite the fact that the show was predominantly Volkswagen, there was still plenty of variety to keep people interested.

Apart from the many Volkswagen Golfs, there were some standout classic cars as well. This Karmann Ghia was a true show stopper and it was looking immaculate despite being 40 odd years old.

This Golf was black as night and had a presence all of its own! It’s one Golf that does not ‘need more low’!

Looking at this VW engine bay reminded me of it’s true German engineering with everything mapped out and kept super neat and tidy.

Euro styling has come a long way since the eightys but I still love the appearance and square lines of that era. What do you guys think?

You don’t often see BBS style wheels on Beatles and we applaud people who decide to take a risk and do what others are afraid to do.

This has to be one of the coolest roof rack additions I have seen. An old school mini pedal car would normally be sitting in an antique shop not on the roof of some young guys modified ride.

Talk about getting it right! These wheels suit this A5 Audi coupe like a glove!

Volkswagen have really taken it to the small car industry with the new Mark 5 Polo.
With its sharp features and non-offensive design, this Polo stands out in a crowd of small cars that are all competing for the same space. With those great aggressive looking headlights it sure is a winner in my eyes.

Last year there were lots of MK1 Golfs on display but this year not so many! So what has changed? Did everybody choose reliability over restoration or is it a case of internet popularity driving model trends for Volkswagen?

Ever since the early days, I have had a soft spot for the Audi A4. This is a serious looking daily with top notch fitment. So flush!

Normally a Kombi Van is powered by an overweight mouse running on a wheel that turns the crank shaft but not this one! This is a serious looking air-cooled engine. I am not too good on my Volkswagens but at a guess I would say it’s the type 4 engine.

This Jetta brings new meaning to the saying tight fitment. Just look at the tiny gap on the back wheel; now that is precision!

Among the classics at the show, was this 1300, sporting some almost period correct wheels.

I was glad to see some hipster bike action at the show. This purple dragster had more mods than some of the cars on the day.

When I first saw this A4 it was sitting really high. As it slowed to park I heard that all too familiar sound and to the ground it fell. Bagged and sitting on a nice set of Rays, this is one fine looking Audi.

If you look closely at this photo you will see a very complicated system that converts ye olde speedo language to KPH. It is funny that it took the car industry 40 years to come back to using separate circular style dials but will they bring back miles per hour? I dont think so!

It was great to see that nearly every Golf model was on display and even the very rare VR6 Golf.

Unfortunately I was unable to stay for the full show because we were hosting our own car show at Caribbean Gardens. Apparently I missed the main show stopper which was a rat rot Golf all rusted up Mighty Mods style that sent the interweb into a wild frenzy.
All in all it was a fantastic show with plenty of variety. The VW and Euro scene is going through huge growth at the moment and we cannot wait until next year to see all the new cars dominate the scene.
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