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Drift Attack :: GSS Show N' Shine

370z nissan red shinny
A few months ago we received a call from Yoshi (Vicdrift president) asking if we wanted to run a show and shine event to coincide with the Drift Attack event, needles to say we jumped at the opportunity!
We invited 100 car lovers from Victoria to show off their pride and joy at Calder Park in September…

We also invited the De Croft boys along to set up a store with us, they just happened to bring Mark’s sexy R31 Skyline along too.
Now sitting pretty on some freshly rebuilt Panasport G7 wheels!

We were absolutely astonished with the amount of interest we received when we first put up a flyer advertising the event on our FB page, one of the very first cars to enter was Geoff’s very rare Z31 300ZX.
The car was ridiculously clean and did not show it’s age one bit!

We also received a couple of group entries this group however stole the sow, Justin Lim and his friends dropped some jaws as they rolled in through the crowd, with every single car sporting some serious fitment with some killer wheel choices on some very clean rides!

From a perfect DC5 Integra to a little humble and clean AE86 down the end this group had it all!

Work Sp1’s work on nearly every car, so when you throw together a bright yellow S15 and a set of Sp1’s in black to create some killer contrast you can expect to turn some heads!

Continuing on with the black and yellow theme (must resist the urge to quote the Wiz Khalifa song!)…

…This Honda S2000 concrete’s the idea that a clean car with good wheel setup/choice will always be a favorite anywhere you go, except an Autosalon show maybe.

Something you just don’t see, ever!
A tastefully modified Proton, there’s still hope for these misunderstood hatches yet!

Spotted a Kebabhunters sticker too!

Melbourne seems to have been hiding some wicked Mazda MX5’s it seems… with not one, two but three stellar little roadster that came out to play for the weekend.

All varying from look to look but small wide wheels being the common theme here, check out those canards!

Here’s to some of the most extreme over fenders we’ve ever seen!!

John’s S13 now slammed, looking the goods!

Here’s an Evo that has been down the east coast, starting in Sydney with previous owner Hassan Aly of hookitup.co fame.
Now the Evo 9 is home with new owner Baris here in Melbourne.

As well as the GSS car show there was plenty more off track entertainment thanks to the guys at WOT hobbies, running a full blown RC drift comp over the weekend.

These guys did not mess about with a competition and field of cars to rival the actual Drift Attack event!

We stopped in awe of the quality cars these guys had put together, the craftsmanship that goes into some of these RC shells is berzerk!

Back to our car park we also had a Mitsubishi wagon and a sedan Galant come along, we’ve spotted this sedan at a JDMST meet before and fell in love with the carbon spotlight covers with built in air dams on the front bar.

Very humbled to see one of our latest stickers on the windscreen, these new purple GSS stickers will be hitting the online store later this week.

There was also a handful of Nissan GT-R’s floating around, this pair of grey R32’s would have been a trio but one unlucky entry actually blew a turbo on the way to the event!

While standing at the gate letting the entrants through I was approached by a few people wanting to sneak in, not wanting to disappoint I said yes to the owner of this left hand drive legit Yenko Camaro!!

These things are one of the most sort after Camaro’s of all time, to top that off it had one of the lumpiest cams I’ve ever heard!!

The most effort of all goes to Freddy from Topstage Composites for bringing four cars in total, two of which were full blown track cars and needed to be trailerd to the show.

Also included was his immaculate 240Z running an original engine with individual throttle bodies along with a heap of other goodies!

These track cars were the real deal too, this RX-7 recently competed in the World Time Attack Challenge in Sydney!

Colour coded Huffy Slider next to the Honda ‘Hong Kong Taxi’ Jazz.

Justin’s DC2 Integra looking as good as ever, still on his ‘L’ plates too!

One of the coolest Sunny trucks going around!

Steve’s tiny Datsun pickup had heaps of cool additions since last time we saw it like the venetian blinds and the very tough rising sun stitched into the the tray cover!

A lot of people we’re very excited to get up and close with this Honda NSX, you don’t seem to see them at all let alone at a car show/meet.
We were very chuffed to have one on show.

Harley’s  striking Mark II Chaser is one of our favorites in the country, word on the street he is selling the wheels and we can’t wait to see what he puts in their place!

All round streeter and recently track slider Chris’s S14 has gone back in time since we’ve known it, changing from a series two front (Kouki) to the older ’rounder’ series one front end (Zenki).
We were shocked at first but have grown to love it, it’s still just as photogenic as ever too!
Now we would love to give out prizes to everyone just to say thanks for being part of it, but we can’t so here are our three winners we picked and chose categories to not discriminate against all the incredible cars that came out to be part of our very first event…

Nick  and his Datsun 1200 won the distance award with about four hours between him and Calder park so we really wanted to thank him for making the effort.

Evan his R33 GT-R from R Power Motorsports took out the last man standing being the very one to leave… even after us!!

Justin and his friends grabbed the best group with a staggering 10 cars with each one as flawless as the next, way to go guys!!
But we really do mean it when we say a very big warm thank you to each and everyone of you who took the time out to come and support us at our first event, we have plenty more planned and hope to give something back to the community with regular planned meets and a something exciting planned for this December too!
So from Grant and myself, thanks for reading!
– Gwyn.

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