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370z nissan red shinny nissan z

Nissan have always saved something special for models branded with the “Z” and the 370z is no exception, there isn’t a line or curve out of place on this car. It is the better looking younger brother of the 350z, the one that goes to the gym and drinks nothing but protein.
370z melbourne
Jeremy Clarkson may argue that this car is just another Datsun, but he’d be wrong. This Nissan looks like it has more in common with some kind of futuristic metal shark than a dilapidated Datsun F-10 and with a modern nose, it makes it look like some type of supercar.
nissan gss
When someone has a vision and knows what they want, it can be very impressive when it all comes to fruition. Erfan, the proud owner of this tastefully modified Nisaan 370z, is no exception.
nismo 370z nissan
Starting with the colour, it is obvious that this is not just a run of the mill factory paint job. With enough clear coat to go around the earth twice over, the car continues to shine even if it is dirty. With such a quality paint job this car will undoubtedly continue to look good ten years down the track.
370z interior
Ladies, you can keep your boring old seat belts because real men use race harnesses! Erfan not only built this car to be safe on the road but also built it for weekend track use. This car may look like a ‘hard parker’ but let me assure you I have seen it in action at Winton Raceway and it pulls down some impressive times and puts many of the other boys to shame.
inside nissan
When you have something in mind and you want to create it, money is no object! Erfan is a strong believer in quality and so only the best parts have been used to take this once standard looking 370z, to the awesome machine that you see before you today.
dark cabin
One of the major components of this build is the GTM – TwinTurbo kit Stage 2, which includes not one, but two Garrett GT28RS ball bearing turbo’s!!!
Not only are the turbo’s upgraded, but keeping it cool under the hood is the upgraded GTM radiator kit!
fast turbo nissan 2012
These Defi advance BF gauges look at home on the dash as there is not a screw or piece of velcro in sight here! When you have this much gear under the bonnet you want to make sure everything is working correctly and he can keep everything in check with these bad boys.
this is not a silvia
Sitting perfectly on a set of KW V3 coilovers and equipped with a Whiteline front sway bar, Whiteline rear sway bar, SPL rear camber arms and SPC toe bolts, this car has perfect fitment for street/track use!
big turbos nissan
With all of this power you need to have a way of transferring this to the ground efficiently and as you would expect, Erfan has not neglected to think this aspect through…
370 nissan
… The standard diff has been ripped out and replaced with a OS Giken 1.5 way LSD. Finding a way to tame this tail happy Nissan wasn’t easy and Erfan took great time to select a really good traction control system.
The Race Logic traction control system was chosen because it is used in the Gumpert and Koenigsegg these cars both have incredible power and Erfan wanted nothing but the best for his pride and joy.
red nissan z
Even the tiniest details have not been left out, with custom LED lights and an EVO R LED rear fog light.
wheels nissan
Holding this beast on the ground is a set of Nismo OEM forged wheels by Rays. They are 19″x9.5″F +40 – 19″x10.5″R and have a huge brake setup thanks to  Stoptech – BBK 15″F and 14″R, this car not only goes fast but pulls up pretty quickly aswell.
370 nissan
This car was definitely looking at home in the Tyrepower North Melbourne driveway! Being an owner of Tyrepower sure does have its perks.
nissan z red
From the back you can see how nicely the 370 sits, fat and low, just how we like it!
370 nissan
You do not see many 370’s that look this good. It has everything! Form and function come together in this impressive looking car where everything has been though out and implemented with military precision.
370 nissan
This car isn’t all turbo push either, it is still revvy and responsive. With smaller turbo’s that spin faster, you don’t end up with much lag at all.
370 nissan
Proof that this car does get to go out and stretch its legs, So far with some cooling issues Erfan has hit 1:44.9220 around Winton and plans to get that down even quicker now that the car has had some improvements made to the cooling system!!
370 nissan
From a distance the wheels look small but up close you can see they are actually massive! and I cannot believe they fit inside the guards, these large open wheels help to feed the cross drilled rotors with much needed air.
370 nissan
Tyre Power North Melbourne is a known hub for many performance and modified vehicles in and around Melbourne. If your ever in the area drop in a say hi to the crew, a great bunch of guys that can help to create the type of stance and look you desire. Big thanks go out to Erfan, Chris and Melvin Tang Photography.
Thanks for looking,
– Grant.
Mod list:
– GTM – TwinTurbo kit Stage 2
– GTM Radiator kit
– Race Logic Traction Control
– Fast Intentions TDX 12″resonated Cat-Back & High Flow Car
– Whiteline Front Sway Bar
– White Rear Sway Bar
– SPL Rear camber arms
– SPC Toe bolts
– EVO R LED rear fog Light
– Custom – LED lights
– TWM Short Shift Kit
– Setrap 34 Rows Oil Cooler
– Greddy Thermostat Sandwich Plate
– OS Giken 1.5 Way LSD
– South Bent Clutch Stage 4
– ACT Flywheel
– MCR Carbon Fiber Canards
– CarbonSignal Custom bonnet & fenders
– JL Audio HD 900/5 Amp
– JL Audio 13TW5 sub
– Boston Acoustic SR95 speakers
– Blitz – R-VIT DS
– Defi – Advance BF series – Oil Pres – Oil Temp – Boost Press
– KW – V3 Coilover
– Stoptech – BBK 15″F and 14″R
– Street = Venaci Spirit 20″x9.5″F +10 – 20″x11″R +5 | Bridgestone Pole REO50A 255/30/20F – 305/25/20R
– Track = Nismo OEM forged wheels by Rays 19″x9.5″F +40 – 19″x10.5″R +23 | Yokohama AD-08 275/35/19F – 305/30/19R

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