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WTAC :: Best In Show

The World Time Attack Challenge is one of the largest events of it’s kind and happens to have so much going on it needs several post for us just to give you a glimpse of what you may have missed.
In the skid pan area of Eastern Creek Raceway some of Sydney’s best street cars came out to strut their stuff on the final day of the WTAC.

From full blown magazine cars with custom airbrushing to mad street cars like this tough little Toyota Corona, this exactly the kind of thing we love to see.
This would have looked right at home in version of Mad Max!

Built to Order brought some truly awe inspiring cars with them, from this hoping Lincoln Town car…

To this mold breaking EG Civic hatch, with some interesting colour choices and some of the best attention to detail we have ever seen.

Have you ever been beating at the lights by a Honda with pink wheels?
You might be surprised when you pull up next to this little Civic, BuiltToOrder.co didn’t just pay attention to the outside when building this car.
They threw in a K20 engine for good measure too!

There was also another EG Civic with a slightly simpler approach but still just as much of a head turner!
With a paint job in a light cola brown and some wicked little 15″ wheels this car looked mean.

Another Honda with it’s ‘A’ game on, this newer EK hatch had some very impressive BBS RS wheels.
Off the shelf simply would not do so the owner had the wheels re-barreled to 15 x 8 +12.3 specs.
Not exactly front wheel drive friendly offset there!

The show and shine section offered everything from VIP styled cars to full blown dragsters.

The recurring theme was attention to wheels, so not surprising at all that the Built to Order boys had wheels on nearly every single car!

This MX5 got a lot of looks, it’s been a long time since we have seen one of these roadsters in any colour other than red!

These Corolla’s were hiding in the pack, big fan of the over fenders on the white one!!

This white S15 pushed the boundaries of dished rear wheels, the sticker on the window really hit the nail “I got 99 problems, but fitment ain’t one.”

The MR2 is a true underdog amongst Japanese ‘tuner’ cars, with some Ferrari like styling and a mid mount engine it’s always ticked some boxes for the boy racers but never really appealed to the masses.
This SW20 model on Work Meister’s is a more then a step in the right direction, the aggressive body kit and wheel choice breath some fresh air into the early 90’s coupe.

Purple wheels get all the bitc… ah hmm er, ladies.

Bronze Volk CE28’s and the blue details make this Silvia a winner, the number plates are epic too!

This tiny van was unlike anything else at the show, the Suzuki Carry Van’s engine had been replaced by a completely electric motor thanks to some extensive and clever work by Mark Taylor from Sydney AEVA.

Oliver’s S15 has become quite the internet sensation after having being shown on speedhunters and a few other blogs, the car did not disappoint us in the flesh at all!

There was also a touch of euro in the mix, this classic VW was a perfect blend of old and new styles with influences from the current trends…

Like the sticker bombed details around the tail lights and wider wheels finished the older bug of nicely!

Tessa whyte’s yellow R34 had a crowd of photographers around it at nearly all times, the car caused quite the stir moving from the pits to the show and shine area.

While it is not the main attraction of the event it really is nice to see that it got a lot more attention this year and the cars on display were all extremely unique or had an impeccable level of detail when it came to modifying them.
The crowd seemed to be a lot more involved with a lot more spectators taking a break from the deafening race cars to come by and check out some of Sydney’s street scene.
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for a few more WTAC related posts still coming.
– Gwyn.
Photos : Brendan Dutton | SB Captures

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