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Hardtuned :: Melbourne Meet #2

We have been absolutely inundated with car meets these past few weeks here in Melbourne, with something on every weekend after WTAC, we can barely keep up!
When Hardtuned.net held their second official meet for the year, it was a great turnout with the street absolutely littered with great looking imports as far as the eye could see!!

With one of Hardtuned.nets’ biggest sites being nissansilvia.com there were plenty of  ‘S’ chassis in attendance.

If looks could kill, this Civic would have taken my life at least three times now!
This has been getting around to nearly every meet and we just love it!

The street and path provided a fresh back drop for this Melbourne meet, but what was down the end of this path?

Another regular, this KE70 made the trip from Ballarat to catch the meet.

The white lettering onJohnathan’s GT-R’s tyres set it off completely.

There is something about 90’s cars and white writing that is just so cool!!

Two-tone S15?
This isn’t something very commonly seen here in Australia, rather it looks like it is straight out of a Tokyo Autosalon show.

I’m personally a big fan of widened steel wheels, however it really depends on the car. And on this Dc2, it works for me!!

I find that clean street S13’s are getting rarer. They either appear to not be modified or they have a bit of drifter ‘roughness’ to them.
This S13 was a nice surprise and a breath of fresh air!

Picture perfect! Mazda Mx5’s seem to be best in a plain old red finish!

It seems it was only a few months ago that to see a Toyota 86 on the road was a big deal, let alone one turning up to a meet! Things are changing fast though, with this one meet seeing five 86’s in total!!

What could I say under this picture?
Who cares! You’re probably too busy staring at the S15 anyway!

By 5pm the meet was huge!!
Soon the police arrived and started some routine breath tests in the middle of the meet.

Drawing it’s own crowd, this Nissan 350Z and Honda CBR250RR had everyone looking.

With some great wheels and a nice flush offset, the black on black look here is killer!

The height is perfect but the rear needs just a few extra mm to fill out the guards.

The two of them parked together made for some awesome photos!!

Regular JDMST member Chris showing off his brand new behind on his Evo. Sporting a new spoiler and rear diffuser, the car is looking immaculate!

Another car that has been spotted at a few meets is this S15 Varietta, now sitting nice and low at all four corners, we think it is a winner!

Hello Domo!

In addition to the huge amount of Japanese cars, there are always a healthy amount of euro cars hitting up the local meets.

Even a show stopping Lamborghini made an appearance!!

As you can see by the photos it was hard to get a moment alone with the LP 560 Gallardo.

It sounded as good as it looked, thanks to a symphony of 10 throaty cylinders moving in perfect precision to produce a hefty 412KW!!

Although we would love to see it a little lower…

To the opposite end of the euro scale, but still something we’d love to see more of is this MK3 Golf with the very punchy VR6 6 cylinder engine!

We were surprised to see one of our ‘We heart cars’ competition winners at the meet! Justin walked away with 2nd place thanks to his clean DC2 Integra…
Yes, those are L plates!

Another shot of the beautiful S15 sitting on black meisters. This really is one of the best looking street cars we have come across, hats off to you!

These ‘diy’ lips are becoming a pretty popular mod amongst younger car modifiers, it’s stupidly cheap to do and adds a sense of toughness to almost any car!

All and all it was a fantastic mix of cars and people. It really is a shame to see such an increase in negative attention from the local law enforcement with such well behaved attendees recently.
For future meets be sure to check out www.hardtuned.net
Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.

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