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EXE Crew :: DECA Day Out

s14 drift car no front bar
A few times a year the exe crew get together and organise a full day of ball tearing Motorkhana action, for many; this is a great test of their own skill and an ultimate stress test for their beloved machines.

new honda jazz vtec racing
You don’t need a full on racecar to participate, this vtec jazz holds its own against its bigger brothers.
R31 skyline 80s style
toyota chaser drift australia jzx100
Drifting gets you bonus points with the crowd! but does not always pay-off on the clock.
mitsubishi colt 3 wheels lift
Hard cornering is a great way to test your tipping point.
mark 2 toyota import racing motokhana
One very clean looking Mark II, Harley put together one amazingly solid car, and stayed hard on the gas the whole way around the course, the car did not miss a beat.

There was a good variety of FWD car on the day and this little micra had some very close competition.

Last time i saw this micra it was sideways at winton, always being driven incredibly hard by Tom, he managed to win 2nd place in the FWD category.

No this truck is not a member of the exe crew, while all the action was going on within the skidpan, Deca training continued on around the exe crew.

It always pays to have a navigator especially when the course is full of orange cones! i mean which one should you go for! from a spectators view it is hard enough let alone for the driver.

This silvia has some serious character, such an aggressive front camber set up! so aggressive that it scared off all the small children in the surrounding area.

The track component of this Motorkhana was a great place for people to further certify the skills they had gained on the skidpan.

Unfortunately sometimes cars do hit their breaking point and this lonely nissan was waiting for the current track session to stop so they could try to get it fixed and back out there.

Love the wheel choice and fitment! enough said!

If only this mx5 had parked closer to the puddle!

There is nothing that represents JDM car culture better than DOMO!

When i saw these seat doilies i knew this was a serious ride! with bad “intentions” it seems Charlie is brining it back! keeping the eighties alive!

In contrast here is a very new looking Sti Wrx.

All the JDM wheel goodness!

A mean looking R31! with some awesome styling, this looks like some of the touring cars from back in the day.

Here is another chaser doing what chasers like to do best drift! Want more chaser goodness check out JZXGarage

[looks into a pool of water] That’s not my father. That’s just my reflection.(said Simba!)
Some crazy close parking going on here!

This is one pretty looking brain bucket.

The parking lot of champions!

No track day is complete without the legendary hachiroku!

Even know this was built in the 90’s does not mean it has lost all of its poke! Daniel piloted his silvia to take out 1st place on the day! Allot of people expected one of the new toyota 86’s to be the victor but it wasn’t the case.

Drivers briefing before battle time!

Time for a quick oil top up! before more limit bashing.

It was now battle time and cars were lining up for a chance to race each other for the prize.

A classic car that is not just a show pony!

It was great to see this 260z racing on the skidpan! didn’t think i would ever see one on a track considering how rare they now are.

This was a pleasure to watch! and the amount of power this old JZX71 had was incredible.

It’s great to see such a variety of cars attending events like this and all credit must go to the volunteers that make this happen. If your sick of getting speeding fines and want to see the potential of you car, join the Exe Crew and hit the track for some real fun! http://www.exe-crew.com
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