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Import Monster – SAU & DECA :: Motorkhana Shepparton

180sx nissan drift action
Shepparton put on some great weather, with a strong attendance and a truck load of orange cones this event was definitely on. The 2nd ROUND of the 2012 DECA CHAMPIONSHIP hosted by import monster and Skylines Australia forum was about to begin, this being my first motorkhana I was unsure what to expect.

R32 nissan motorkhana drift
Skid pans are just the place to sharpen up your drift skills, even if you are competing in a motorkhana.
4 door r32
Nissan was out in force, showing why their Motorsport history is so rich.
s13 orange
The motorkhana event provides a great chance for the SAU members and guests to meet and greet.
r32 skyline nissan silver
A great example of the legendary r32.
R33 nissan skyline orange
Even know some of these cars are in top notch condition they all get a serious workout.
S15 nice race car
S15 front and S14 back, this is one hot looking halfcast!
temp guages
Needs more gauges!!
racing around cones evo mitsubishi
With an eye on the prize, and evaluating the competition, many drivers would study others technique and braking points.
180sx tearing it up
Probably the best performer of the day was Leon in his very loud 180sx, awesome drift skills and amazing car control! while still being fast!
fuel stains
Some time its ok to have a dirty bum :}
Red r34 skyline
Talk about balls! this car drove from NSW to compete and was driven back the very next day.
r33 pandatastic
This tuff looking panda was aggressive the whole day.
r33 dounut
Sometimes a little to aggressive..
fast moving car
Flat out on the back straight during the long wang.
battle royle motorkhana
Battle rounds where some of the most exciting times of the day
apex corner line looking at it
Looking to the line!
speeding so fast
No fines for speeding here! only penalty for going the wrong way around cones.
splash goes the r33
Not even a puddle could stand in the way of a good time.
Toyota Corona classic
One of my favourite cars of the day was this Toyota Corona, it was working hard all day and didnt seem to miss a beat.
WRX race
Full commitment every time, this bloke had no fear and would push it to the edge all day long.
mitsubishi evo
EVo’s always look at home on the track!
180sx speeding
Leon has spent a lot of time on this car, he gave hell to it all day and the crowd just loved it.
skids and cars
The place started to look a little like Easter Nats after a while.

This is the view from the other end of the skid pan where the battles and other motorkhana events took place.

Competition on the skid pan was fierce.
r33 race to the death
R33 show down!
holden astra race
180sx against Holden Astra, is that really fair?
mr2 aw11 fast
This is one of Lloyds great launches, this little AW11 has still got punch even after 20 years.
woman driver evo mitsubishi
Believe it or not this is a female driver getting this Evo up on 3 wheels hard into a corner.
racing mr2 aw11
Not really sure if he is focusing on the map stuck to the windscreen or on the track?
nissan z drift
There were some P platers with serious skills and little to no clearance rocking the track.
mitsubishi evo9
Serious cars! and fun competition.
face of the driver
One of the most impressive things about this motokhana was the amount of effort people would go to, not only to compete and just have their cars finished in time but also preform as one man pit crews.
With standard cars right up to serious track monsters, there is a place for everybody in this sport.
You don’t have to be ken block to compete, all in all a great event and well worth checking out.

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