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Toyota Club TCCAV :: Cars, Coffee and Donuts.

Last month I managed to catch up with the boys and girls behind the Victorian chapter of the Toyota Car Club of Australia.
Once a month the gang gathers to indulge in a feast of boiling hot caffeinated beverages and pile of small delicious baked goods with their centres punched out.
There was also a very generous serving of petrol guzzling four=wheeled machines to look at while enjoying this breakfast of champions.

This months coffee & donuts meet was the first event held in Melbourne’s western suburbs and the venue was Williamstown’s Classic Garage.
It was another extremely early start, with cars arriving well before 8am!

One of the first cars that caught my eye was this brown Crown. I quickly woke up and started pressing the shutter button on my camera in the freezing cold wind.

There is just something so unique about this car. It is not pretty and it’s an extremely unflattering colour, but somehow it all just comes together to make you smile. You can appreciate and enjoy it for what it is, a classic car with a soul and a touch of Japanese quirkiness!

Only meters away there was this fantastic Corolla wagon.

This is the first one I’ve come across and I loved it!

It’s amazing, two years ago I probably wouldn’t have even noticed this car. Since picking up the camera I’ve found a new appreciation for certain cars and styling… Bring back the 80’s box I say!!

Loving the mesh wheels on the front of this 86′ hatch.

Not everything was strictly Toyota, a few Nissan’s made the trip out west to join in the fun.

This Pulsar was sporting all the track day attire, roll cage, tow stickers and even a fire extinguisher nestled inside the cabin.

Godzilla even came out to enjoy the cars and coffee. This GT-R belongs to Joey and he’s actually quite the Toyota kid at heart, fixing up an old Toyota Crown himself!

After everyone had their fill of delicious treats it was time to head in and view some of the collection locked away inside.

On the way in we were greeted by a table absolutely covered in old car mags. I could have spent a few hours digging through these pages but I had to continue on my way inside.

Inside there were some truly classic cars and even some motorcycles, ranging from very early Honda’s to some small scooters the Allied forces dropped behind enemy lines during world war two!
This Austin Healey 3000 looked like it almost had drift pipes on the back!

Something I am yet to have had inside one of my own cars… Real woodgrain trim!!

I snuck outside while everyone continued with the tour and with all the pristine classic Toyota’s parked outside it was almost like an open air museum!

This beautiful Celica was rolling on a set of black Konig wheels (wannabe’s 😛 ).

It’s great to see that the club welcomes a mixture of young and old, the illest sticker is a dead give away the owner of this car probably likes to wear hoodies and hang outside the front of supermarkets!
Stereotypes aside the car looked great!

White with bronze is always a good combo.

One of the more modern cars was this Corolla Levin coupe, these are pretty hard to come by and there were actually two at this meet!

More race car stuff going on here but this time on a Celica,

Every time I attend one of these meets I get the restoration itch, really badly!!

I miss circle headlights…

Loving this minty fresh paint job on the Corona!

AE82 Corolla hatchback – the perfect cheap P plater car, with Bride seats… Looks like fun!

The truth!

Dan managed to sneak his newly finished AE86 out for the day, complete with a perfect wheel choice! Just needs a bit more low, only a little though…

All in all it was a very original meet and location and I look forward to catching up with more of the owners of these awesome cars in the future.
If you want to check out any of the classic’s in Williamstown for yourself, head to  http://garageclassics.com.au/
Or to join in the fun next time join up at http://www.tccav.org.au/ or become a fan of the club Facebook page.
Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.

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