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VW Cruise :: Melbourne's Euro's Come Out To Play

Recently I attended an early morning starting point for a local Volkswagen cruise through the hills, the meet point was only 10 minutes from home so I had no excuses not to rock up and take some snaps.
Except it was at 7:30 in the morning, on a Saturday… and I had a wedding to get to!! This did not deter me though.

The boys and girls from VW Golf.net.au are a dedicated bunch.
I arrived at 7:30am sharp and nearly 15 cars were there already. They were all looking very shiny, full of fuel and ready for a day of spirited driving through Melbourne’s hills and the Yarra Valley.

Being a VW Golf forum the cruise consisted of mostly, you guessed it… Golfs!!

Now I’ll admit I’m quite sheltered when it comes to Euro’s and modified cars outside of Japan, so combine that with my still sleeping mind on an early Saturday morning and I was aimlessly taking photos left, right and centre.

Shoot first, ask questions later!
I found out this is the second generation Golf, the quad headlights are a giveaway that this is the GTI model.
Another hint here is the Neuspeed badge on the front, things are not exactly standard here.

Nicely lowered on some aftermarket alloy wheels.

Aside from the VW’s there were quite a few intruders, none of which were as menacing as Todd’s Skoda wagon!

This is certainly a car I haven’t taken much notice of before, partly because I’ve never seen many on the road.

The facelift Octavia is really quite an attractive car, I would definitely consider one of these as the run about car.

While continuing around my aimless wander through the car park I kept returning to “BFLAT”.

This superb little GTI was the star of the show, sitting very low and cleaning the streets as it goes!

The car is a massive testament to keeping it simple. With the right wheels, a well placed sticker or two and of course the right ride height.
Nearly any car can be transformed into a neck breaker!

This car gets a lot of love, the inside was spotless!

The wheels are of course Ronal Turbo’s, quite a rare sight around our side of the world.

This is the latest generation Golf, the MK6 Golf R. Compared to the previous version it is little bit smaller with a much more aggressive looking set of headlights.
I absolutely love the new look, with another version due to be unveiled later this year I’m excited to see how it looks.

The second generation Audi S3, don’t let the 4 rings on the grill fool you.
At the heart of this machine is actually a Volkswagen 2.0L turbocharged engine.

Looking into the distance you could have been forgiven if you thought the sun was rising awfully quickly this early in the morning, as it got closer it was in fact a bright yellow Renault Megane RS!

As bright as the sun and nearly as hot, this little hot-hatch packs quite the punch!
With 184kw at disposal thanks to the turbocharged 4 cylinder engine, this FWD Renault would be an absolute blast to drive!!

Being unfamiliar with the euro scene, anyone care to enlighten me on these plates?

So after taking a few photos and having a quick chat, I let the boys get on with their cruise and headed home to quickly suit up and get to the wedding.
Hopefully next time there is a cruise I won’t be required to attend a wedding by another inconsiderate friend 😛
Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.

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