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OZHonda :: Annual BBQ Meet

What started out last year as a charity meet to help raise funds for tsunami ravaged Japan, has now become an annual event for the local Honda community.

I can’t help but think of Hannibal Lecter every time I see a car with a nose mask…

This white EP3 Civic has been getting around to a few meets with this wild wheel combo. You don’t often see Gram lights on a Civic let alone fluro pink!

Colour choice aside, the fitment is spot on!

With any large ‘one make’ meets there are always a few gatecrashers. This BMW with contrasting powder coated wheels had quite a few fans on the day.

The very low E30 BMW belongs to Michael “DYNALL” who is well known within the community for his highly competitive track only EM1 Civic.
Mike’s Civic is undergoing a heart transplant, the now retired B20 is being swapped in favour of a fresh K20!

This EK Civic was showing off it’s extreme chassis bracing, they’re Miracle X Bars made by Next.

Being a modified Honda meet meant not everything was as it seems. This agile looking DC2R had some serious stuff happening under the bonnet.

The shifter inside is a dead giveaway to the not so factory power plant finding it’s new home under the hood.
The DC2 Integra is now equipped with a K24 engine from a late model Accord.

One of the cleanest EG’s in Melbourne and still rocking ‘Garden State’ plates!!

The ‘fitment’ movement has taken the Honda scene by storm. Both locally and internationally, Honda owners are striving to push the boundaries of what wheels they can fit and chase after the rare set of wheels that nobody else has.

New generation Accord Euro on TE37’s. While you normally see these guys representing the VIP scene, the race look is doing wonders for this white Accord.

You don’t need to spend massive amounts to fit in with all the ‘stance’ kids.

These Sportmax 501’s look great on this DC2 Integra.

A full set can be had for around $10o0, cheap as chips!

Phwaah indeed! This black EK Civic had some of the craziest rear camber!

Everyone’s favorite Euro, Jason’s Accord is ticking all the right boxes.

Still missing a sticker… *cough, cough*

Clean, flush, perfect!

Dc2 on Work Equip 03’s.

Very nice wheel choice for this simple looking Integra, sometimes you don’t need to ruin the lines of a factory looking car to stand out.

The BBQ was a great success, with around 40 cars in attendance and plenty of sausages demolished by the hungry boys and girls.
A big thank you to the organisers for taking the time to pull this all together.
And an even bigger thank you to Alan from AL Captures for taking these great photos.
If you would like to see more images from the meet or just want to see some awesome car photography make sure you visit http://www.facebook.com/AlCaptures
Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.

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