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JDMST EOMM :: End Of Summer

Well another JDMST end of month meet done and dusted! Melbourne pulled out all the stops for another impressive turnout.
With over 360 car in attendance that’s a record turnout for the recovering Melbourne car scene, with hoon laws and a defects at an all time high for the garden state. It just goes to show the level of dedication these car nuts have…
Here is Johnny’s tough as nails Corolla still wearing it’s group sticker from the recent Drift Matsuri here in Melbourne.

Under the hood is just as clean as the outside and yes, that’s an SR20DET sitting there.

The car is the perfect combination of function and form, inside is a classic deep cone Nardi wheel, Dildo shift knob and one of the coolest touches I’ve seen. A working personal fan!!

The quality of cars was already high just at the pre meet, with one of the nicest street driven S15’s in Melbourne, also worth a note is the incredibly cool S14 parked next too it!

At the pre meet everyone had chance to have chat and check out each others rides.

Soon the light faded and it was time to get moving.

A nice rolling shot of the very, very low S14 on the way to the meet.

Once at the meet it was time run around and get as many shots before the light was gone, plenty of ‘VIP’ styled rides made it out for the night.
This Accord was part of the Team Agentz crew, these guys definitely have good taste!

White seemed to be the colour of choice at this meet, here’s a nice line up of S chassis Nissan’s together.

Clean behind on this EVO, the shaved badge look is very nicely executed!

This MX5 from NSW is getting around to a lot of the meets here in Melbourne, wondering if the owner has moved down?

More white cars! This is one of the best looking models of the WRX to date, last of the GD series. I hope Subaru get back on their game in the future.

Lowered just enough on some nice Work wheels, this is the perfect 4 door car for me.

JDMST not just for JDM cars, plenty of Euro’s made it out as well and yes that is a BMW on a set of TE37SL!!

There was actually a few nice EDM cars out, another BMW on a set of regular Rays TE37.
This combination has been very popular over seas!

Stanced Audi, this is something I would love to more of in Victoria. A stronger presence of modified euros.

Team Agentz delivers again!

How good does this 5 series BMW look, the dished wheels set it off!

So much rubber on this Bayside Blue GT-R!

Honda’s were out in force on the night, this JDM front DC2 Integra with the love/hate Mugen rear wing.

Another Team Agentz car, an RB1 Odyssey dropped on some Work D3S’s.

EG Civic with 5 lug conversion and Work SP1’s, I wonder whats under the bonnet?

Easily one of the best looking EVO’s on our streets, check out all the carbon additions!!

Another great looking Mazda, MX5’s are becoming the car of choice with younger drivers as the prices keep coming down!

Loving the zip tied front lip on this Mitsubishi EVO, perfect balance of clean and baller!
Congratulation to the organizers for another successful meet with out to much trouble and stupid behavior, with the way these meets are growing a new location is in the works.
Keep your eye’s peeled on our Facebook page for up to date info on these meets and other events here in Melbourne.
I would also like to personally thank Alan from AL Captures for taking these awesome photos for us, if you would like to see more images from the night or just want to see some awesome car photography make sure you visit http://www.facebook.com/AlCaptures

Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.

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