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JDMST :: End Of Year Meet

With the end of the year fast approaching JDMST.com Vic members banded together to have one last bash. With the turnout expected to be pretty good, Grant and I eagerly headed out after work.

There were a few cars in attendance that are becoming quite the star of the local scene, one being Heath’s wicked Datsun Wagon.

This was the only mx5 that came to the meet and in blue too! It was great to see something a little different to the rest of the crowd.

What started as around 20+ cars spiraled out of control when it seemed that the meet got invaded by the local Ozhonda community.

Some Honda’s ranged from the meticulously clean to the more ‘USDM’ inspired with roof racks and all!

I think that that the AUDM circle headlights are growing on me a lot, now that every man and his DC2 Integra has a JDM front end conversion.

The common trend among Melbourne cars at the moment and I’m sure most cars around the world is ‘fitment’.
Having unique wheels with aggressive offsets or getting the wheels to sit as flush with guards as possible is the aim here, trolling through the internet I think most of Melbourne’s modified cars are getting this part very right.

Flush, tight and sweet, just how we like it.

Drift pipes are becoming very popular over here, loved the sound of this R32.

The Honda’s certainly dominated this meet, followed closely by Mitsubishi Evo’s. At one stage I counted around 15 Evo’s.

White and black were the choice of colour for the Evo’s, checkout this line up of spoilers.

Nice list on the back of this one.

In total the meet had around 130 cars, it’s a rare site to see such a large group like this in Melbourne and it didn’t go unnoticed by the local ‘boys in blue’. Thankfully most attending behaved well and there weren’t any incidents with the police.

This Supra is clean!! It puts most new model Supra’s to shame, nothing tasteless here.

This Skyline’s owner went out of his way to get a matching yellow sticker for his windscreen.

The location looked like a shopping center carpark during Christmas, the small path around the cars became blocked pretty quickly too.

One very nice looking Evo X.

The award for the most modified car goes to this incredible FD Civic, sporting Carbon everything and a K20 swap it had a crowd around it all evening.

The location was spot on and is easily the best place to hold a meet of this size, I personally would love to see a car show held here in the gritty docks of Melbourne.

The loudest car was this Subaru RS Impreza, it was a bit of a love hate relationship with those who attended. Some loved the sound while most fell to the ground having seizures it was that loud!

Sprint Hart CPR’s and wing lifters made this EK Civic stand out, little touches that the Americans have been doing for awhile are making there way here. keeping the modified scene fairly fresh.

The three black Em1Ccivic coupes stole the show at the beginning of the night, they looked so good together. All in the same colour and ride height!

What a line up!

For some it’s a way of life.

In the words of Dave Chappelle during the Rick James skit “darkness is here, darkness is here everybody!!”

Evo’s for days…

And days!

The crazy FD Civic again, loved those Carbon fenders.

Hello Domo!

Hate it or love it, roof racks are here to stay it seems.

Another impressively clean Evo.

It seems that it’s still pretty cool to be fashionably late, a group of Skylines arrived a bit later and stole the show.

Especially this menacing R34 GT-R.

Mitsubishi Legnum is a very rare sight on the streets.

The Skylines looking down on the rest of cars.

No one had any idea this end of year meet would become the monster meet it became. The crowd was great and it was a pretty positive gathering for the local scene. Only a few bad eggs at the end made some noise as they were leaving and the police made their presence known but didn’t flex their muscles at all.

It was a great way to end the year and I can’t wait to see what’s in store next, with loads on the drift calender and the World Time Attack in August as well as some regular feature cars, there is plenty going on!
From the team here at Grip Shift Slide, have a wicked Christmas and a safe new years!
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