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Hardtuned Cruise :: Not Hard On The Eyes

Today the boys and girls from Hardtuned.net held a charity cruise from the Docklands to Lysterfield Lake, I managed to wake up early enough to attend the meeting point.
The weather was less then perfect and for a while on the freeway heading in I thought about turning around and heading home!
Luckily I didn’t, as the turn out was huge with around 50+ of Melbourne’s finest JDM rides rocking up for the event.

All of these cars made the long journey to Australia in a container just like the ones in the background, so it seemed very fitting to be taking photos next to them.

This location makes for a great backdrop and I love getting shots of a car with its owner.

This very cool RX-7 has been doing the rounds at the latest Vic Drift Members Day.

Loved the wheel choice on this four door R33 Skyline.

If the owner of this Nissan Stagea trekked down to Melbourne for this meet, then I am truly impressed!

One angry looking S15 Silvia.

By 11am the amount of cars was getting a bit out of hand for the small empty lot.

The caliber of attending cars was impressive, all had great wheel combos and nearly everyone had perfect fitment.

A very USDM LS Integra, I like this dedication to a certain style and respect anybody who follows something like this and pulls it off.

Loving this “Big Mac” S13! This was tearing up Winton on the last Vic Drift Members Day for 2011.

Separated by a generation these Skylines look more alike than any other model.

Bringing sexy back in black…

This is one car that took a while to grow on me, the rear quarter windows are the real winner for me in the end though.

One of the best cars there was this amazing 180sx sporting ‘ACT’ plates and it was killing it with these aggressive wheels.

So much rubber…

Here’s that awesome four door R33 Skyline again. This is the first four door Skyline that I have really appreciated.

A touch of class and a whole lot of baller, this Lexus sits perfectly on it’s gold BBS rims!

Polished Meisters? Yes please!!

Some pretty nice rides from all the Japanese stables here, except for Toyota. Not a single Toyota was at the meeting point.

A V-Spec GT-R looking pretty mean.

The parking arrangement made for some pretty nice shots, loved the ‘Illest’ sticker on the lip.

Such distinctive styling, this is still my favorite Skyline shape.

Great colour on this series 2 S14!

Such a bright colour amongst a sea of greys and whites, this 200SX had some pretty interesting sticker bombing on it’s rear bar.

Melbourne has been hiding all these lovely imports somewhere, look at them all!

My favorite shot of the day, the dark sky above almost makes it look like the sun is setting.

‘Frush’ is really popping up everywhere, it’s great to see the local car community supporting one another.

Tough on wheels.

Not many cars work well in two tone, this Silvia was an exception.

The twin tone horns make this WRX look very menacing.

S14 away from the pack, lucky for me though so I could get this awesome shot.

That killer 180SX again, loving the rear.

Great subtle colour on this drift RX-7.

Half way through the meet, a bunch of promo cars from Red Bull Mobile pulled up.

A crowd gathered pretty quick to score some free cans.

Then a generator was cranked over and a DJ started playing some tracks…

While this dance crew started break dancing, it really was very bizarre.

No one really had a clue what was going on, most enjoyed the show though.

Some of the moves where pretty impressive and just as quickly as they had appeared, they were gone!
After all the excitement everyone jumped in the cars and made their way for the cruise destination, I decided to call it a day and head home.

This was by far the best turn out I’ve seen in a very long time, Melbourne pride!
Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.

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