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Track Battle :: Time Attack – Calder Round1

Tech Sport Evo X
A good selection of cars turned up for the first Time Attack Track battle at Calder park. One that looked rather smooth and composed was the tech sport evo team.
chasers time attack evo
This car sounded like it had the goods to win the day, a stroked 2 litre kept this evo howling around the velodrome.
chasers evo
Chasers engineer’s toy has come along way, they showed good speed the whole weekend
close up action s15 nissan 200sx
When i first saw this car i was a little unsure whether it was competing in drift or time attack.
HPF evo x
A clean entry by HPF, this car was on track at every opportunity.
s15 small
The large angled corners of the thunderdome made the time attack cars look tiny.
time attack nissan bluebird
A nissan bluebird is a strange platform for a time attack car, i was surprised to see it on the track, you do not see many of these on the streets anymore.
nissan bluebird smoking tyres
later on the Saturday the wheeltech bluebird looked to be having trouble with the angle of the track that seemed to cause the Left hand rear tyre to rub on the guard.
lancer attack
lancers where everywhere and they seemed to be dominating.
Redbus R33 Skyline
Redbus, actually have a red bus believe it or not!, their R33 was pushing it too keep up with the big boys!

The Import Monster R32 driven by Russell Cunningham managed a 54.62, this video shows how cut up the track is.
in the pits with tech sport evo x
Adam newton kept this car on track and running good consistent times all weekend.
s15 time attack machine
Robert Turner’s s15 ended up with no rear bar by the end of Sunday, but on the saturday it looked like it had just rolled off the showroom floor.
rx7 time attack
This nice looking RX7 didn’t see as much track action as some of the other cars.
rx7 thunderdome
when the car was out on the track it was siting high on the corners and taking a slightly different line to some of the other cars.
r33 fire
The street class were running rich and producing some nice flames.
VE Commodore time attack
This VE ss commodore sounded great around the tunderdome and was by far the most exciting to watch, it would often get sideways through the small water barrier corners
time attack adam newton evo x
The Tunner class overall winner was the Tech Sport Evo of Adam Newton with a 53.68. Adam put all his targa experience to use on the thunderdome and showed the field how it was done. Unfortunately this event was overshadowed by the Drift GP and it was hard to cover both we apologize for the lack of photos of the field.
It was great to see this track used for time attack, i just wish they designed the layout to use more of the velodrome.
We here at Gripshiftslide hope that time attack events like these continue to build popularity and become part of a more permanent race calendar. See the Time attack results/times HERE

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