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ADGP Day Two :: Things Heat Up

Looking down the pit lane at round one of the Australian Drifting Grand Prix, with only 32 of the best drivers from Melbourne and the rest Australia left in the competition. Sunday was going to be fierce.

The track layout was simple with heaps of corners and a solid concrete wall. What could possibly go wrong?

Many of these drivers had never had the opportunity to drift so close to walls before, can you say clipping point?

The speed down the straight was insane for such a small course, I was quite nervous on the other end of the camera.

Simon Michelmore and Declan Walsh going door to door, top work boys!

The boys from Insane Drifters had the crowd begging for more, a really competitive crew!

Loved this tastefully sticker bombed S13.

Christian Pickering tearing up the straight section near the finish line.

Tark’s R32 looking a little damaged after an intense battle, still drifting all the way through the finish line. Great work!

Aggess from Insane Drifters, great driving all day. Could not fault it once.

Nigel heading out for a run.

The smoke was ruining all the photos in the morning, thankfully the wind picked up later in the day.

One of my favorite cars of the day, such a good looking car both on & off the track.

Luke Fink doing what he does best, as the former 2009 Drift Australia Champion and 2010 JDM ALLSTARS Championship winner.
The crowd had all eyes on Fink.

The heart stopping run between Nigel and Luke. After some incredible racing from both drivers and a few re-runs later, Luke Fink took the win.
Seriously good driving boys, you were both the crowd favorites so it was a shame seeing Nigel out so early.

Nigel looking pretty happy with his car performing so well all day, run after run.

Fink rushed over to thank Nigel and his family after the battle, it was so close!!

Both drivers seemed to be very excited after the run, having a good chat about the battle corner for corner.

This sign was getting a lot of attention all day, some of the drivers were more than happy to oblige.

Matt Hambridge tapping the wing.

Nic Wilson wins the award for getting closer then any one else, unfortunately he’ll need some love from his panel beater to get the car back up to its former glory.

One of my favorite shots from the day, Tom Monkhouse ripping his wing off right in front of the judges.

These boys banded together in the freestyle session, so much win!

I couldn’t believe how close these guys were getting in the corners, they ended up touching through the rest of the corner without spinning!

I really enjoyed taking photos of the tight course by the end of the day, for some of the media it was proving difficult to get the shots they wanted.

Loved the sound of this Skyline.

These boys had so many re-runs. Quality driving from Andrew and Christian had the judges working hard to choose a winner.

Calder Thunderdome looked like the set for a post apocalyptic movie, Mad Max 4 – Return of  Thunderdome anyone?

Aggess new trick, boot release during the corner.

This Cefiro was a solid performer getting nice and close to everyone and everything!

Aggess having some fun mid-drift.

Papa from Insane Drifters making a little bit of smoke.

Nigel using every last bit of his tyres in the expression session.

Sometimes things didn’t go according to plan, lucky the barriers aren’t that solid.

And the award for the loudest car on track goes to…  Matt ‘redneckdrifter’ Hambridge’s R33! It was stupidly loud!!

Soooo close!

Luckily Christian manged to stop as quickly as he did. He managed to drive his Silvia away with no mechanical damage, he now has a pretty long shopping list to get his car looking pretty again though.

This 180SX was sporting a fresh new paint job for the event, thanks to creatd motorsports.

Nigel riding the wall like a boss!

This 200SX was looking so clean in the morning, tough day was tough…

Andrew looking pretty pleased with his new wineglass.

Great effort from the top three, 1st Luke Fink, 2nd Tarquin Van Rooyen and 3rd Andrew Paraskevas.

Luke getting a kiss and a cuddle from his girlfriend, I don’t think he really cared about the trophy anymore.

What a great way to end the day with Andrew standing on his 180SX after a massive burnout to celebrate third place.
Thanks to Amy Boatwright and the rest of the crew from Track Battle for pulling off this awesome event, Yoshi from Vic Drift for keeping things running smoothly all day, all the sponsors and every driver for turning up to one of the best drift competitions this country has seen in a long time.
Mostly thanks to the spectators for coming out and forking out their hard earned cash to get in and support the drifting scene.  The seating arrangements left a little to be desired and left many frustrated. Please remember that this was the first event in the series and it was the first event held in the Calder Park Thunderdome  in quite some time.
Things can only get better from here, with more drivers/sponsors then ever,  the future of the Australian drifting scene is looking great!
Thanks for reading, stay tuned as we post more coverage of this great event including the cars from the paddock.

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