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Winton Part 2 :: Going Sideways

The action at this weekends Vic Drift day was so good that we had to have two posts covering the day!
Here is my favorite shot of the day, Nigel Petrie tearing it up in his 180SX.

Nigel was not the only one in the A group performing well, Thomas Sabo in this R32 Skyline was an absolute monster on the track.

This white JZX100 Chaser driven by Nic Wilson was incredibly smooth on the track, getting very close to the R32 above during a few tandem sessions.

My pick of the day – I’m a sucker for a tiny Trueno AE86.

Especially when they are as clean as this black example.

Can you imagine if someone put a Honda fwd K20a motor and mounted it in an S13 and strapped a turbo charger to it?
Wait… they did! What an awesome machine and the sound was not what I was expecting, but my god it was tough.

This Black Sil80SX  has so much character and presence, topped off by the fact it was the only car driven by a female on the day.
I have a huge amount of respect for Billie, way to go!

Here’s the A class boys getting nice and close.

Even the B group were trying their luck at some side by side action.

The rain made for some interesting grip conditions on the track, luckily drifting requires less grip so the drivers were loving it!

Until this happened… This brown R31 Skyline tried its best to avoid a grey 180SX that had spun out moments earlier.

The 180SX took the brunt of it, the drivers make it look so easy sometimes you forget drifting is actually pretty dangerous stuff.

As the day went on our stickers started popping up everywhere. A big thank you to all the drivers who grabbed one and slapped it on!

Nissan Silvia with a side exhaust, instant win!

By the middle of the day most cars had gone through a set of tyres. I think this car needed to head into the pits for a fresh set, check out the sparks!!

This S13 was a solid performer with great angles all day long!!

Billie at it again, seriously how good does this car look?!

I’m not going to lie, I like this 200SX a lot! Showing a lot of the A class boys how to do it.

Here’s the S15 with the side exhaust again, this thing was loud… really loud!

Some of the A class drivers weren’t all that far behind Nigel in terms of skill, thanks for chucking the sticker on Nic!

Amazing what fresh tyres can do.

While most people would have this clean 180SX  Type X in the garage, this owner prefers to use it for some high speed fun.

Tuffcore boys out in force as always.

Including this Onevia, the driver is getting better and better every session. way to go Mikey!

Nigel getting ready for a wet lap, does that sound dirty?

This 180 had some steering issues after it came off the track rather suddenly. The Winton safety crew jumped in to action to get the show back on the road.

Full lock! Thanks for the sticker love Jawsh.

Operation smoke screen.

Plenty of girls representing team Tuffcore on the day, loving the gram lights on this Onevia.

Nigel’s beast looking just as good off the track.

It’s all business in here, Defi gauges, Nardi wheel and a massive gear stick!

One of my last shots of the day, Nigel really is one of the best drifters to come out of Victoria. Top job mate!
The skill level of the regulars attending Vic Drift events has improved so much I forgot it was just another practice day.Angles were more extreme and more drivers were going in for tandem action in the corners.
Thanks again for all the people rockin’ our stickers, was great to get some photos with ‘gripshiftslide.com’ on every second car.
Big thanks to Yoshi and the team at Vic Drift for another great day and of course all the Winton safety crew for working hard throughout the day to keep things on schedule.
Next stop… Drift GP!
Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.

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