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Winton :: Wet 'n' Wild

180 sideways, heaps of smoke
The clouds rolled in and it rained! Then the weather decided to do a 180 and the cycle continued,
a great day for a drift practice..
orange escort
Its an escort, you do not see these everyday. The mighty escort was back at winton again and pushing hard.
fast r33 skyline
A sideways Hi-torque R33 was mixing it up on the track and looking good around a lot of new potential talent.
180 spin out
Entry class was full on, everyone was pushing their limits, some a little to far.
pro class
Did someone say professional? Pro class was totally dominated by Nigel from engineered to slide!
pro class
The chase was on! everyone wanted to mix it with nigel but he was to fast and too smooth.
pro class
Speed and angle, he had both !
car needs a tow
The safety crew was kept busy all day with many guys breaking stuff and needing a tow.
exhuast falls off
Exhaust mounts who need them?
Yellow R31 ass end
Many R31’s where out and about, and lovin it!
splash goes the s15
Splash goes the s15!
old school style
This guy did not want me to take photos of the tofu delivery vehicle.
wet slide
Rain makes for better angle, the wet track made the intermediate drivers look like pros. Some where pulling of some amazing drifts.
young guy with style
p plater” with style, this guy looked really impressive the whole day and defiantly needs to move up a class.
Nissan S13 with K20 Honda Engine
Just Holding it on the edge of the road!
tuffcore team
Tuffcore, enough said.
and the rain came
When it rained, it RAINED!
mad style yellow s13
Best performance of the day, this guy started off not doing so well, but by the end he was hitting extreme angles like nigel and cuting sick all over the track with little to no errors.
beached as
Beached as bro!
drift with lots of cars
The circuit was full the whole day.
nigel drift
Most photogenic car of the day!
crowd shot
The crowd was small, but spirits where high despite the rain.
Blue 180 fast drift
Even up hill these cars where getting good speed.
drifters waiting to go out
The drifters kept lining up even after a long day when many of them had been up since the early hours of the morning.
It was a great day with lots of new talent and many different weather conditions. This Vic Drift practice day is a great lead up to the Australian Drift GP At Calder, we hope to see you all there!
– Grant

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