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Walking around the car park outside the Ken Block show was like walking into an internet forum, with so many of the cars/trends that we are so used to seeing on our computer screens all dropped on to an empty field together.

From the simply clean, like this KE70 Toyota Corolla.

To the outrageous! A Nissan Stagea sporting an R34 Skyline front end.

This Mitsubishi Evo was on the ‘function’ side of the fence, with no crazy offset and wearing its Cusco brace with pride.

However the trend in the car park seemed to be from the other side of the fence, ‘form’. With this Subaru’s flush stance and twin tone horns, it was maybe a little too clean for a rally bred AWD monster.
Subaru Liberty
One of the cars that Subaru got right was this Liberty, tough and clean.

In a sea of Holdens, Fords and imports, this M3 BMW was flexing it’s muscles. I don’t think Australians give much credit to the quality and performance our European friends offer.

You might recognize this S14 from the last Vic Drift day at Winton, head over to our desktop section to grab a picture of this car doing what it does best.

A truly amazing car considering it is road registered and driven almost daily.

The R32 is coming back in strength, there seems to be heaps of mint examples cruising around the streets lately.

The plates say it all for this subtle R33 GTR.

I only counted 3 modified Honda’s in the entire car park… truly a shame. This clean s2000 made up for it though.

I’m surprised this intercooler is still attached considering it only sits 10cm off the ground.

Not everything was sports cars and crazy wheels, mini MP-V’s were out in force with a few good examples such as this Nissan Cube.

Hood ordainments, I miss them! They let you know that the car means business.

I wasn’t entirely sure what kind of car this was, a quick Google search soon revealed it was in fact a motorcycle. A Suzuki Boulevard M109R to be exact.

This 180SX was in need of a wash, dust aside it was sitting perfectly on some SSR Professors.

Series one 200SX’s have never really been a stand out car for me, this one was simple enough to catch my attention though and I happily snapped a few photos of it.

This R33 looked at home under these trees, almost like a postcard.

The owner of this Lexus GS400 has definitely been spending some time on the internet.
Nothing sets off a car better than a classic sticker-bomb!

If it was a facebook page, I’d like it.

This Toyota Chaser had seen better days, it was however wearing the most expensive shoes in the car park.

Rocking Gram Lights 57SXPROs up front and Work SP1s on the back, I’d like to think that I’ll be seeing this car on the track very soon.

This old school Soarer seems classier than the more recent examples, affectionately referred to as ‘sore-ass’.

If ever there is a day I have to drive a wagon, I hope it’s a Stagea. How good does this look!

The R32 Skyline, a modern day classic?

I think so.
It was a great show on Saturday and I hope those that made it enjoyed it as well, hopefully it wont be the last time we get to see Ken Block live.
Calder park was a fantastic venue and I really wish more events were held there, less than an hours drive from the Melbourne cbd it is a shame we don’t get to use it more.
Thanks for reading, see you guys at Drift GP in a few weeks!
– Gwyn and Grant

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