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Block Party :: Ken Block Live In Melbourne

Ken Block made it all the way down to Melbourne today to shred some tyres and scare some business execs.
From up in the seats it was hard to tell just how fast he was going… but up close it was a different story.

introducing ken block melbourne
Ken Block welcomed the crowd, after a nervous entrance by the v8 supercars.

Warming up for the first run.

So close to the drums, I can only assume they are actually filled with Monster Energy Drink!
ken block nearly hits a man while doing circle work around drums
Close but not close enough says the crowd. His second attempt got him a lot closer though. If this wasn’t enough, the announcer jumped in between Ken and the barrels at one stage!

Ken followed a set course during the day, repeating it at least 20 times.
ken block close to fence
Even the pros get tired and by the end Mr.Block was getting his entries on the last barrel all wrong and on one run missed it completely. He had to pull a quick hand brake turn and go back and try again.

While he is known for tight maneuvers, it is easy to forget Ken’s Ford Fiesta can drift the bigger corners with the best of ’em.

This car was easily the most precise on the track during the drift runs.

A very tough Nissan 350Z piloted by Rob Whyte.

The 350z was rocking a supercharger too, this equals one happy passenger!

No car deserved the massive ‘Monster’ sticker down the side more then the Chevy ‘trophy truck’.
v8 supercar show
This Commodore was going flat out down the drag strip on the day, hitting well over 200kph

The speed this truck was getting on the grass was insane!

Huge air!
bike with flame thrower
It’s amazing what a can of Monster Energy drink can do in your fuel tank.
43 ken block fan
There was a lot of support for our favorite gymkhana driver!

Most of the crowd stayed in their seats to see Ken around the circuit.

Others remained seated to try and win free stuff. This guy brought along the worlds silliest hat.

While this guy did a back flip off a wheelie bin for some giveaways!
girl strips for ken block signature
Even the girls wanted to take their tops off for a Ken Block signature!!
Monster Energy and Ken Block put on a great show, definitely worth heading out to see the legend himself.
Thanks for reading and be sure to check out some of the cars spotted in the car park at the show in our upcoming post.
– Gwyn, – Grant.

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