denis e30 BMW drift car australia

BMW E30 RB30 :: Drift Frankenstein

One of the first items on my bucket list is a simple one, own an E46 M3 BMW.
Even after all these years, that lovely looking, highly enhanced body looks fantastic from all angles.
The bolstered chunky arches hinting at the performance hidden beneath the bulging bonnet and the four exhausts tips menacingly poking out from under the rear bar…

chris shockworks toyota corona

Shockworks Corona :: South of The Boarder

So just picture yourself in the following situation: Your Dad owns and runs one of the most reputable suspension businesses in the country and specialises in making cars corner faster and smoother. How would you rebel against him and the family business?
Well it would seem that the best way would be to purchase a 1985 Toyota Corona and then taking full advantage of your Dad’s knowledge and his generous parts catalogue to slam it to the ground!!

ryan cummings s13.5

Ryan ‘Slide’ Cummings :: Widebody S13.5 Silvia

Ryan Cumings is a name some will know and others are only just beginning to hear about. However after a very successful year in 2011 and his performance in the 2011 ADGP series in his amazing black S13, he is sure to become a household name.
We managed to catch up with Ryan and his car earlier this year.

erfan 370z nissan

370 ReasonZ :: To Choose Tyrepower

Nissan have always saved something special for models branded with the “Z” and the 370z is no exception, there isn’t a line or curve out of place on this car. It is the better looking younger brother of the 350z, the one that goes to the gym and drinks nothing but protein.

erfan 370z nissan

Against The Grain :: Stanced NX Coupe

Building a car for your own taste is hard these days, trying to build it to someone else’s taste is probably even harder.
Considering the majority of the import scene at the moment has gone down the path of ‘stance’ and ‘road-presence’, makes the task of standing-out that little bit harder too.

feature drift hilux

ETS Hilux :: Engineered To Perfection

Nigel Petrie has been building his Drift Hilux for only 11 short months and in this time he has accomplished more than any normal car enthusiast could possibly hope to achieve in several years.

Double K’s

Double K’s :: Back Problems?

This is the story of Nity and his black FD1 Civic.
Having purchased the car brand spanking new from factory, it didn’t stay stock for very long… with new shoes and even a turbo charger going on before the factory warranty was up!

R34 GT-R

R34 GT-R :: Nur Spec

This is one of the last R34 GT-R Skylines ever made, with a build date of 2003, it is one very special car.
As the R34 line was approaching it’s end manufacturing date at the factory in 2002, Nissan decided to make a limited release of only 1000 more called the ‘Nür’ after the famous Nürburgring racecourse in Germany.

Hyundai Time Attack Car

XXL2NV :: Hyundai Time Attack Car

What simply started as a tuned street car soon ended up a dedicated track monster.
Built by the crazy lads from Team Tuffcore, this Hyundai is going to shake things up this year on the professional time attack circuit.

MK1 Golf

Scrapin’ Dub :: MK1 Golf

This is the story about George and his first true love… The Volkswagen MK1 Golf.
The story started when George was just 15 years old, clicking away on Ebay he stumbled across a less than desirable example going for a low price.